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A lot depends on the temperament of your fish. One of my friends recently tried to keep oscars with convicts, and the convicts actually killed his oscar – so there is a real chance of things going really wrong with that mix. Also, at the best of times it’s hard to get an African cichlid tank going, but when you mix in a relatively passive fish like an oscar into the mix, it will probably result in a severely bullied fish.

(I know that Convicts attack bigger fish, but African Cichlids are definitely no pushovers!)

Put several hiding places and taller structures in your tank; driftwood, plants, rocks and decor work well. Because convicts are territorial fish, this will allow them an area to mark as their own territory; this will also give the African frogs several hiding places, which they prefer even when not dealing with more aggressive tank mates.

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Ok I took over a fish tank which had 1 african convict male adult fish left in it. what do i need to do??? the convict pair share the tank with 1 other convict, 2 green sevrums, 2 jack dempseys, and 3 african butter catfish. all of the above mentioned fish are one inch or smaller in size.

Pink Convict Cichlid - Aquarium Fish

For those considering adopting any cichlids, be sure to google cichlid care ahead of time on proper care, tank size and preparation, etc. Just a few of many things to consider: They multiply quickly. They eat or fight with other types of fish so need their own tank. They often don't even get along with each other in a confined space. There is also some question as to whether they are African cichlids or Central American "convict" cichlids (identified as convicts by US Fish & Game in the past). This is important to know because cichlids from different continents also do not get along and shouldn't be in the same tank.

The Pink Convict Cichlid is a pseudo-albino of the Archocentrus ..

The Convict Cichlid originates from Central America. It is also known as the ZebraCichlid, but using this terminology creates confusion with the African Cichlidscalled Pseudotropheus Zebra. The Convict Cichlid is known by the scientific name Archocentrus nigrofasciatus and more recently by the name Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus. Convict Cichlids have blue-gray bodies with 8 or 9 dark bands in a pattern namedafter the stripes on prison clothing. They have a dark spot near their gills too. There are Black (which has a gray background), Pink (which has dark pink areas on a light pinkbackground) and White variations (which have no stripes). Convict Cichlids are among the most aggressive cichlids, both toward fish and toward anything else in the tank. They should be kept either alone or in groups of at least four. They will rearrange any decorations and plants in the tank. Water quality is not an issue for them. They will eat almost anything, including cichlid pellets, freeze-dried blood worms, flake foods, brine shrimp and small live fish.I have a 30 gallon fish tank for four years now.
1 breeding pair of black convicts,
2 yellow labs. ( african cichlids )
1 jewel ( african cichlid )
1 pearl gourami
1 pleco
my convicts have had six batches of fry so far.
i find the easiest way to keep the parents from fighting each other
is to remove the fry after two and a half to three weeks after birth.
i put the first two batches in a twenty gallon tank by themselves
whith one small pleco, i have discarded the last four batches,
they grow slow, and ran out of room.