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: I’m setting up a guppy tank and was wondering if I need an air pump for them? Do they need those oxygen bubbles? I see a lot of fish aquariums with these “aeration” devices setup. What does it do for the fish.. does it add oxygen? Is it a waste of time and money?

A couple of different experiments to aerate my 2000 gallon fish tank, for aquaponics..

Although aeration is a necessary and good thing for your watery ecosystem, that doesn't mean you should just load the tank up with devices that increase it. It's possible to have too much aeration in your aquarium. This can quickly take a toll on your plant life, and it's a threat to your critters, as well. Too much oxygenation can even cause a potentially fatal condition in your fish called gas bubble disease. Affected fish develop bubbles in their skin and around their eyes. Too much circulation -- most obvious when your little swimmers struggle to swim straight or they get whisked around the tank -- there's probably too much aeration going on. Turn down or downgrade your filter.

How to make an air pump for aquarium. uses no electricity - YouTube

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Home made( Aerator) Oxygen system for aquarium

To address the plant issue: this may or may not be desirable for your tank; it's up to you to decide. The problem is the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. While the plants will provide oxygen, will it be enough for the number of fish and tank size? Some plants also don't live very well in oxygen-rich tanks. This would limit the amount of extra aeration (filters, decorations, etc) that you have. It may be easier to start with one of the other methods of oxygenating.

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