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Oscars are great aquarium fish to keep. If you are here reading this I'm sure I don't have to tell you how hard it is to resist bringing home that 2-3 inch awkwardly cute little fish with huge bug eyes, frantically dancing at the front of the tank like a little dog greeting you after a long day at work. They can be very personable and full of character. Oscars have a renowned ability to recognize their owners, and can be taught to do tricks for food. I've kept a handful of oscars over the years and I have to say that I too enjoyed some of these quirks my fish showed. They are unique in many ways. It's easy to see how one would personify the traits of this fish, but that would be a mistake. Too often we project our own ideals, even emotions onto our pets, assuming we know what they want. So let me state a few things that may change your mind about adding another fish to your oscars home. Oscars will school together as juveniles and are found together as adults, but they do not desire tank mates. Oscars do not get lonely. They can thrive in an aquarium all by themselves and many do, infact. All the same, some of you will want to add to your oscar tank. If that is your decision, please do plenty of research on the fish you intend to add. Oscars are a large growing fish and mixing them with others can be complicated. In this small article I'll go over a few aspects of mixing cichlids and what is and isn't advisable.

Hi, we have an adult full sized red tiger oscar and we consider adding some clown fish with him

I've put together a tankmate key to make matching other fish with your oscar easier. The key works like this. On the left are a list of potential Oscar tank mates by species. Each species has a star-rating. The rating is based upon the premise that the two fish are to be kept in the smallest recommendable size tank together at, or until they reach adulthood. Directly behind the rating is the minimum recommended size tank the two can be kept in.

This means 55 gallons for one single adult fish

Oscar care is all about considering the adult size potential of your fish It’s a thrill when oscar fish breed for the first time. If you’ve been keeping oscars a long time, odds are pretty good that you’ve raised a breeding pair. If you don’t have large adults, you may be able to find some at your local fish store. Oscar fish are often brought back to the fish store after the 1-inch juvenile they purchased grew too big for their aquariums or bullied the other fish in the aquarium. So, if you find adults at the store, how do you pick out fish that are a possible breeding pair?

Oscar Fish Tank Setup - Installing the Correct Size Aquarium

I'll get straight to the point, is your aquarium big enough for one Oscar, plus some tankmates? You should already know that 55 gallons is the absolute minimum for one adult Oscar. If your aquarium does not meet this requirement then you have two choices, either stop reading now and enjoy what you've already got, or upgrade your aquarium by at least 75% and then come back and read the rest of the page. Sorry if that sounds a little bit harsh, but that really is your only two options. Most of the fish I am going to recommend as tank mates will require a minimum of 50 gallons just for themselves, not including the Oscar.

One adult Oscar must have at least 55 gallons of water to itself