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Aquarium charcoal has many applications. The exact size will depend on how you plan on using your carbon. Use it sparingly; as little as 3 tablespoons of carbon can remove discoloration from a 50-gallon aquarium. Cut two identical-size sheets of mesh. Use sewing pins to hold the mesh together while you sew. Sew three sides together with topstitching, a sewing machine stitch that can hold mesh together. This will form a pocket. Place your activated carbon in the pouch and sew the last side together, locking the carbon inside. Rinse your bag to remove any carbon dust, then add it to your aquarium. You can hide charcoal bags in power filters, canisters filters and sumps. Replace aquarium charcoal every few weeks.

about the soap, but that's what activated charcoal is used for in aquariums?

The type of charcoal used to filter aquarium water is called activated carbon. It’s made of the same stuff that makes up pencil "lead"—graphite. It has an extremely irregular porous surface, making it act like a sponge for bad odors and trace elements in both water and air. Along with being used in the fish tank, activated carbon is commonly used to purify drinking water and remove bad smells from the air. It can even be a lifesaver for people or animals who have been poisoned or have taken an overdose of drugs: when ingested, the carbon absorbs the toxic substance before the patient's body can.

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Apr 10, 2008 - The best and cheapest option for obtaining quality activated carbon is to powder aquarium filtration charcoal with a mortar and pestle. Activated carbon (aka activated charcoal) is a highly porous medium, typically sold in granular or pelletized form, that is used to remove dissolved organic compounds (DOCs) from aquarium water. It’s considered a chemical filtration medium because the DOC molecules it removes actually form a bond with the surface of the carbon—a process known as adsorption.

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Welcome to the Aquarium Filter Carbon superstore! Having a great looking aquarium and healthy fish involves constant care, efficiently operating equipment and using all the required ingredients in your aquarium, including carbon filter media. You'll find a great selection of carbon media, including activated carbon and activated filter carbon, right here. Without proper filtration, your aquarium water can become cloudy, develop a foul odor, and eventually become harmfully unhealthy for your pets and plants. Activated carbon plays a crucial role in your tank's chemical filtration process, helping to remove compounds that cause odors and discoloration of the water.

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