Stainless Steel Acrylic Column Cylinder Aquarium Fish ..

Tanks constructed of acrylic offer a more diverse selection of shapes in which to house your tropical fish. Tanks made of acrylic can come in the form of bow front, hexagon, corner, column, cube, and just about anything you can dream up and more importantly afford. Remember, by selecting a shaped aquarium this will impact your viewing of the fish inside. So please keep in mind that Curved acrylic will alter the view inside the tank.

6ft Acrylic Tall Column Tower Octagonal Aquarium Fish Tank with Accessories

This custom acrylic large column aquarium with a synthetic coral reef insert is a focal showpiece in this residential living room. The large footprint provides the inhabitants of the aquarium with ample amount of space to set up territories and the height allows for different species, which inhabit different areas of the water column, to share the same tank space peacefully. The colors and species of coral inserted onto the synthetic reef were selected to provide a bright and colorful backdrop to the marine exhibit.

Column Cylinder Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank 3 Colours ..

Stainless Steel Acrylic Column Cylinder Aquarium Fish Tank All Pond Solutions | eBay Acrylic windows under hydrostatic pressure, e.g. aquarium panels, have to retain the massive water load of the water column in the tanks. In public and private tanks the safety of the viewer but also of the marine life should be considered as vital. The design engineer therefore has to limit the material’s tension and the maximal deflection of the window in order to maintain safety regulations.

Midwest Tropical Round Tabletop Column Aquarium in Acrylic

White iWish Mini Apple Fish Tank. White Apple shaped table top 26 litre acrylic aquarium with a low voltage 7 colour LED lighting system with as easy to use touch activated light. Light can be dimmed allowing you to choose from a selection of colours including blue, red, green and white or a combination.

Stainless Steel Acrylic Column Cylinder Aquarium Fish Tank.