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Live fish make fishermen a lot more money than dead ones, so more and more fishermen have turned from supplying the fish-for-food trade to the fish-for-aquariums trade, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The marine aquarium trade is worth about a year.

Read all about Ich, a disease that commonly afflicts fish in aquariums and learn how to combat it.

We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species. Time of this video 39;09. You will see all freshwater fish species in this video.

Species of freswater aquairum fish:
1 American Cichlids (Cichlasomas, acaras,angelfish, discuses
and others)
2 Barbs
3 Catfish
4 Cold-Water Cyprinids
5 Other Cyprinids
6 Danios And Other Danionins
7 Darters:
8 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogrammas, rams and others)
9 Gar
10 Gobies
11 Hatchetfish
12 Headstanders
13 Killifish
14 Labyrinth fish
15 Lake Malawi Cichlids
16 Lake Tanganyika Cichlids
17 Live-Bearers
18 Loaches And Related Cypriniformes
19 Miscellaneous African Cichlids (Non-Rift Lake)

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A small fish tank is any aquarium under ten gallons (about 39liters) total capacity. Hi Badette,
You have nothing to worry about hanging the galloping horses on top of the aquarium.
As for the 5 fishes, here’s a good answer by Uncle Dixer that you can refer to:

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Hi, I’ve a 20g aquarium with tropical small fishes, I have them for just about 2mos. I just noticed recently that some of the fishes have shiny spots like a grain of salt in them and one has ragged tail fin. Are these signs of diseases? What should I do or what does my
aquarium need?

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