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Hi! Thank you for putting together this article. I'm planning on getting a betta fish (soon hopefully) and I've been researching a lot to make sure that I take good care of the betta fish when I bring him home. I have a quick question about decorations. Will it be okay to change up the décor and gravel color every once in awhile for holiday themes or when I just want to change the layout theme? Will the change be too stressful for the betta?

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Jun 17, 2017 - Basic Betta Fish Care 101 is an easy to follow guide about Betta Fish For Beginners However, if you already know a bit about fish care, or if you are willing to do a little research, there is another way to go about building the perfect Betta tank. Many aquarium owners like to choose their own tank components rather than rely on a kit.

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Hi, thanks for a nice informative intro to the beta! I often browse the web looking for info on them to make sure mine is being cared for in the best possible way. I have a koi half moon plakat named Betty. When I bought him he was mostly light pink with some red and black – typical pale koi colours, about a week after moving him to a proper tank he went very dark all over and now has a red and black head and the rest of him is black and metallic blue with species of red! Gorgeous fish. I love just watching him swim around and explore his tank. He lives in a 10 gal community tank with 5 ember tetras, and gets on great with them. Gentle filter and heater, just one of those starter 10 gal tank kits you can buy for $50. Most people who visit give me a hard time for keeping him with the tetras but as you said, it is entirely possible. I always had a community tank in mind so when picking my betta from the store I made sure to get one that wasn’t acting as aggresive as the others, but was still looking healthy and moving around. It’s worked out great for me, and I would encourage it for others after careful and thorough research. Thanks,

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