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I currently have a gorgeous blue Betta in a 10 gallon tank with 6 Harlequin Rasboras, 4 Ghost Shrimp, a zebra nerite snail, and have been trying to add a couple additional cardinal tetras to my current 3 without overloading (so they have a nice little school). I have a Java fern, two other plants, driftwood, and bought a slightly more powerful filter to see if it allows the higher bioload. I don't want a super strong current for my betta, so we'll see how they react. I tend to do a 15% water change each week. The cardinals don't get very big and occupy different space from the shrimp/snail, so I have not stuck strictly to the 10 fish (in.) per 10 gallon rule, but I think it would be best to either put 8 cardinals or 8 Rasboras with a betta in a 10 gallon tank, rather than the smaller schools of each that I have (assuming they're properly acclimated and the betta is carefully added last). I've had the tank a few months and only had trouble adjusting the cardinals to my water that has a high pH from adding a few too many minerals back into the distilled/filtered water that I mix with tap (Perfect water aside from high pH from time to time). Otherwise, it's a lovely tank that both me and my small boys—and husband, too—enjoy!

The only thing I would recommend putting in an 8 gallon tank is a Betta. Betta's, along with all other fish, need a filter/heater.

Interesting and useful. I guess my mind is set at 10 gallon tank even though I have a 28 gallon one. I prefer the easy maintenance fish. I only have one green Cory right now so maybe I should get another one. Also, for some reason, I never have any luck with neon tetras even though I love seeing them in a tank. I always enjoy reading your fish articles because I learn so much. I look forward to reading the next one.

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I WANT!!!! Biorb 8 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank-Freshwater Aquarium Silver. I will name my fish Geppetto! Here are some 10 gallon cookie cutter stockings, only thing wrong is the suggestion of zebra danios in a school of 4, and in a 10 gallon (way too small for these fish, they get really nippy in schools under 6-8 and tanks under 2ft)

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I also wanted to know some active and colorful fish for my 8 gallon tank. I wanted to put maximum fish but different kind not single. I am confuse lot so please help me out

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