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I have recently purchased a Marineland 75 Gallon Majesty Ensemble from PSmart, and I was asked to post a New Build Thread!! This aquarium is for my Daughter's Beautiful Shubunkin (Pierce McBubbles) that she won at our local Carnival. He is currently in a 10 gallon tank.

I recently purchased a 75 gallon Marineland Aquarium with a built-in corner overflow.

The Marineland 75 gallon aquarium majesty ensemble provides a functional, stylish platform to kick off your aquarium project the right way. The massive 75 gallon glass tank is planted securely on top of a tasteful black stand (included) that provides all of the support necessary to safely support your aquarium.

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Page 2- 75 gallon Marineland aquarium exploded today! Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment. Here is an updated video of my 75 gallon reef tank. Feb 21, 2015

Video shot with iPhone 5.

- Tank: 75g Perfecto Reef Ready Tank
- Stand: Standard wooden stand with upgraded support
- Flow: 1 Jebao WP40 and 1 mp10
- PUMP: Eheim 1260
- Lights: 2 AI Sol Blue LED
- Skimmer: Reef Octopus 4" NWB110

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The Marineland Emperor 400 has a flow rate of 400 GPH which is optimal on any fish tank that is up to 80 gallons which undoubtedly makes this an ideal filter for 75 – 80 gallon aquariums. The most features of this filter are a revolutionary two-pump design and Bio-wheel wet/dry biological filtration system that allow for unmatchable filtration.

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