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he Tank features a profile of 48” by 24” by 16” with black accents. This tank has a strong presence in any room you place it in, and high quality glass allows high visibility across a range of lighting conditions. This tank is an ideal start for just about any type of aquarium, and at 80 gallons of capacity, it offers some additional room beyond the basic 75 gallon options. It’s fully reef ready and pre-drilled, so you’ll be up and running in no time flat.

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I have a 75 gallon aquarium that I'm going to be setting up soon. The idea is to have it as a high-light, high-fertilization tank wherein I'll be growing some of the more difficult stuff.

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75 Gallon Aquarium Lighting Recommendations Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment. Currently have a single strip T8 on my 75 gallon. Not going to cut it. Also I have been noticing some brown gunk on the sides of the aquarium. I always assumed it was me overfeeding the fish. But in reading perhaps this is brown algae from not enough light in the tank? Is that true? The bulb in there is at least a year old, and I suspect older to be honest (its the same one that was in there when I bought the setup off craigslist a year ago).

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I have heard aquarists offer up the advice that to keep coral, they should have between 2 and 6 watts of lighting per gallon of aquarium water. By this rule of thumb, they are essentially recommending that an aquarist with a 10 gallon tank needs a light consuming 20-60 watts of light, depending on the lighting demands of the individual specimens they intend to keep. By comparison, the aquarist with a 75 gallon tank would need 150 to 450 watts.

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The Marineland 75 Gallon Aquarium with stand is perfect for aquarists who are into functionality and style. This rectangular fish tank is made of thick and clear glass panels with silicone-sealed top frame. It comes with a glass canopy that offers a protective layer between your fish tank and the light fixture. It also prevents fish from jumping out of the aquarium by reducing evaporation. The aquarium is also equipped with LED lights, which is excellent for plant life. It generates more heat, more visually appealing and generally cost-effective.