75 Gallon Stand and Canopy Package.

After two days of futzing with this thing, I finally got a dried silicone seal around the stand pipe and over the crack. The grow bed will sit on top of my 75 gallon aquarium so I designed the drain to offset around the aquarium lid. No drilling holes in the lid… yet…

How do I find the size glass top I need for my 75 gallon cichlid aquarium

This offers fantastic value for money when compared to others of the same size or even those that are larger at 55 Gallons. Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran with Fish this aquarium is suited to both marine and freshwater applications. The black braced frame prevents the glass and view distorting. Being from a subsidiary of PetSmart this Top Fin tank is a product of quality and from a brand that you can trust. A double hood is supplied with interchangeable lids, fluorescent lighting with two separate plugs allowing you to easily control light levels.Standing at 48.25″ length x 12.75″ wide x 20″ high this is ideal for creating an impressive aquatic-scape, albeit if you are looking to setup a reef or coral a wider tank would be better suited. Many people who’ve purchased this product have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability, suggesting the glass is thicker than that of similar sized aquariums and others mentioning on online forums they have kept them in use for 5 years plus without any hassle. When filled this aquarium is likely to weigh in around 600lbs thus the use of a purpose built stands would be recommended, these are available from PetSmart starting around $125.

So I have this old 75 gallon tank that has no lid

I have a Marineland 75 gallon Wave Front Aquarium with Lid & Stand included My Syrian hamster has gotten so big (length not width lol) and he needs a bigger wheel but his current cage does not fit it. I would like to upgrade him to a 75 gallon aquarium but before I spend all of that money I was wondering if anyone with experience could give me some feedback about it. I just have a few questions: Will a 12" wheel fit comfortably? Is a lid required? Is it worth the purchase? I was also wondering if Petco's dollar per gallon sale had a schedule because I heard that some locations include the 75 gallon and it would be a money saver if their next sale would be fairly soon.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Where to order Glass top for 75 gallon tank

I was originally planning to get Lady Gimli a 40 gallon tank soon, and then I met someone who was looking to sell a 75 gallon tank, stand, and full aquarium hood for $20 . I would have payed... like $200 for that setup. So, needless to say, I'm getting a new-to-me 75 gallon tank. It isn't watertight anymore, which is why he was offering such a low price on it, but that doesn't matter if I'm keeping a hamster in it. I can't use it though until I get a screen lid for it - the aquarium hood isn't going to work. I'm having trouble finding a mesh lid for anything larger than a 55 gallon tank though, so does anyone know of a place I could order one from online? I could make one myself, but I'm not very good at building things and it has to be cat-proof, so even if it costs a bit I would rather buy one.

I recently picked up a 75 gallon tank from a friend for free