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Ecoxotic Stunner 18-watt 72 LED Aquarium Light Strip, 36-Inch, Blue Mix and match color spectrums. Sleek, flat panel design that easily retrofits. 24VDC, IP65 water resistant. Dimmable and controllable. Crisp shimmer and color.

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This is also a very inexpensive LED for a fish tank that contains either fresh or saltwater fish. Besides, the light is beneficial to grow aquarium plants that makes it a great choice for starters’ aquarium with fish and some low-light plants. There are various fixture sizes and extendable brackets included to fit various tank lengths that fall into these ranges: 12-20″, 19.7-27.6″, 28.3-35.4″, 37.4-45.2″.

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T5 Quad 72" inch Timer Aquarium Light Coral Reef Marine LED HO Odyssea 320W" Reef Brite Tech LED Strip Lights are High Definition light sources used to create custom aquarium lighting systems. This 72-inch Reef Brite Tech LED composed of 50% actinic bulbs and 50% daylight bulbs to achieve a soft white light with a tinge of blue. It is bright but not too bright that it can cause stress to you and your aquatic organisms. It simulates the sunlight as it reflects into the tropical ocean floor, all complete with glare and shimmer thanks to its optimized reflector system. They produce the same amount of light as a T5 or VHO Fluorescent lamp. These versatile lights can be installed anywhere- from aquarium sumps to refugiums.



Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2in to 72in

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Our client in Germany has stunning 6000 gallon aquarium and needed a lighting solution to improve its shimmering quality while providing the right spectrum for its corals and fish Orphek installed 6 new PR72 Super Blue LED Pendants…

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