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Reef Brite Tech LED Strip Lights are High Definition light sources used to create custom aquarium lighting systems. This 72-inch Reef Brite Tech LED composed of 50% actinic bulbs and 50% daylight bulbs to achieve a soft white light with a tinge of blue. It is bright but not too bright that it can cause stress to you and your aquatic organisms. It simulates the sunlight as it reflects into the tropical ocean floor, all complete with glare and shimmer thanks to its optimized reflector system. They produce the same amount of light as a T5 or VHO Fluorescent lamp. These versatile lights can be installed anywhere- from aquarium sumps to refugiums.



Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2in to 72in

Our 72 Inch Metal Halide Aquarium Lights With T5 and Moon Lights will help light your saltwater reef aquarium.

216 watt T5 HO high out put lighting 48" inches. 2x 10,000k daylight, 2x Actinic
quad 120-140 extendable light. 54W x 4 dual lunar LED x4 equiped this light comes in two diffrent housing colors available!! black and silver fits 120-140 cm aquariums
odyssea lights come with either 6,500 k daylight 10,000 k daylight for the reef or blue actinic or pink plant bulds. you can get odysea either as a single t5 light or a dual fixture or a quad fixture. these lights can reach the needs of a fresh water planted aquarium, reef, or planted aquarium. the sizes varies from 20 24 36 48 72 inch light fixtures odyssea also makes metal halide lights and LED light fixtures. these lights are very well put together and i recommend them for anyone you can get insane amounts of plant and coral growth. though nothing beats real sunlight. real sunlight is the key

so i plan to start of with soft corals such as mushrooms xenia pulshing kenya tree zoas button polyp leather lps and moving into sps corals in my tank. can't wait to stary building this reef i need to install my sump all i really have to do is get more salt mix and then seal up the overlow and it can start filtering water comment rate and subscribe god bless everyone if you need help with anything from freshwater planted reef fowlr to ponds and brakish let me know

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The Marineland T5 Deluxe High Output Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 48 inch, is for covered tanks

However, ATI only makes a 60" light, not a 72"

Will this work for a 72" system