60W CREE LED Aquarium Light Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment.

The True cube Versa is a showpiece no matter where you put it. Having a visually commanding 60" tall overall height and accurate Cube proportions make this aquarium very spacious for an amazing light to heavy loaded reef and fish. Also an added advantage is its extra large 3 chamber and high speed filtration.

Led Aquarium Lighting 60 Inch

The new built-in timer with digital controls makes it easy to set the precise amount of daylight and simulated moonlight you'd like to provide for your fish. A 3-way switch features ALL LEDs, ACTINIC (lunar light), and OFF positions for manual control when you need it. The fixture features a durable aluminum lighting housing and adjustable mounting legs to fit a variety of aquarium widths. Its sleek, low profile design keeps the focus on your fish where it belongs, and a single power cord makes installation simple.

For fresh and saltwater aquariums.*

Why LED?
LED lights consume very little energy and produce very low heat while emitting bright, clear light. The Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light features 7,500K 1-watt daylight LEDs and 60mW blue LEDs to provide a full spectrum of daylight and simulated lunar light. Each LED has up to 5 years of life, saving you the cost of regularly replacing fluorescent bulbs! A polycarbonate lens protects and focuses each LED for optimal output.


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Led Aquarium Lighting 60 Inch Metal halide lights both HQI and HID get extremely hot, and can give you a 3rd degree burn in no time if you were to touch it after it has been on a few minutes. You must be able to provide lots of ventilation in the form of auxiliary fans to help kept the tank from getting to warm. If metal halide lights are mounted in a canopy, you must also mount auxiliary fans. Metal halide bulbs require special handling when replacing the bulb, never touch a bulb with you bare hands, always use a clean cloth to handle the bulbs. Oils on your fingers can damage metal halide bulbs. Metal halide lights above an aquarium make a stunning display. With surface agitation, metal halide lights give the tank a shimmering light effect similar to the sun shining through a crystal clear lake. Normally one 150 or 175 watt light is good enough to cover a 24" x 24" (60 cm x 60 cm) footprint with a depth of 24" (60 cm) or less. If your tank is 30" to 36" (75 cm x 90 cm) tall, you may want to consider a 250 watt light.

Fluval Aquasky LED Aquarium Light, Adjustable from 48"-60" L

A couple of years ago I was walking through a local flea market and ran across a vendor that sold wood furniture imported from Indonesia. I spotted a solid wood end stand/cabinet that measures 28" long X 28" wide X 24" high (71cm long X 71cm wide X 60cm high). I checked out the construction and determined that it would make a great aquarium stand. I bought it for $90 and thought about how much cheaper and better quality it was compared to aquarium stands sold in pet and aquarium stores. I had (a sponsor of Aquaworld Aquarium) build a custom 60 gallon (228L) (24" X 24" X 24" or 60cm X 60cm X 60cm) glass aquarium and lighting system.

Marineland Advanced Led Aquarium Strip Light 48"-60" - YouTube