Compare Dry Dog Food: Orijen 6 Fish For Dog vs Senior Dog

Hi…my dog is 6 years old..a Jack Russell..we just had his teeth cleaned (so that is not the issue)…he has horrible FISHY breath..and I think it is his wellness dry dog food. He has been on wellness for about 4 years…and does fine..however his breath is fishy…someone told us that it could be because the Omega 3’s they use are sourced from fish…they do not say they are from fish on the label…however…they must be. The flavor food he eats is Chicken and Oatmeal. This is the food:

Orijen is a high-quality dog food, and the 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula food is a superb choice for the beagle diet.

I would like to switch my dog to Orijen 6 fish but it is quite a lot more expensive than the stuff she's on currently. Anyway, i'm located in Ontario, Canada and the best deal i've found for the 13 KG bags is at GlobalFoods for $74.80 (it's regularly $88 but on senior day I can get it for $74.80 after the 15% discount). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has found a better deal than that in Ontario or Online in Canada because I'd obviously prefer to spend less than 75+ tax per bag of dog food. Price comparisons sites like shopbot are useless for dog food.

Orijen 6 Fish Dry Dog Food - All is Well

※The origin origin 6 fish dog meets the dog food nourishment standard value of every life stage that AAFCO establishes. Because fish is one of the ingredients that dogs are not commonly allergic to, the Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food uses six different kinds of fish to deliver protein to the animal.

Orijen Grain Free 6 Fish Dog Food, 25 Lb

I to noticed that the new formula was not dark and it didn’t have the fish smell. I took the bag back I thought it was because the air was not taken out of the bag. When I would by the food it was like a brick now it’s loose like they don’t vacuume it like they did in Canada. I am looking for a new food my dog was on 6 fish for 4 years never a problem until now.

Orijen Grain Free 6 Fish Dog Food, 4.5 Lb

Richness doesn't just mean protein level, though Orijen is high in Protein. however Orijen has ALOT of meat and other very high quality ingredients, which can make it too rich for some. One of my dogs, while on strictly Orijen 6-fish could eat only that, and could not tolerate anything else without getting sick, it was just too rich, now that he's on a rotation, he's fine. Thank you,this helps alot I´m a bit of a worry wart when it comes to their food and their poop because Milo is very sensitive to the slightest of changes in his food (which is also why I chose the fish formula,I was told its easier on their bellies..?).Recently i switched Smirnoff from Royal Canin (pug) to Orijen 6 fish since i read some awful things about the previous food on the internet and thought to try and give it a go with some super premium dog food since i love him so much,