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A 55-gallon tank is the minimum size you should consider if you intend to keep African Cichlids. Bigger is even better! These are beautiful but highly aggressive fish that will stake out territory in your tank. Really, the footprint of the tank matters more than the height, as more ground space means more territory.

Jun 10, 2015 - Learn which fish are best for your 55-gallon tank and how to make smart choices when stocking your freshwater aquarium.

This is a fish with specific needs, so once again be sure to do your homework before purchasing. In a 55-gallon tank your Oscar will have no tankmates, so you can set up a home just for him.

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49.5 -- ~50 Gallons of water in a 55-gal tank means 55 inches of fish+ for overcrowding. Of course each Species has a certain space demand; however, we will be using this rule of thumb to keep the tank friendly and clean.

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Personally, when stocking average tropical community fish I’ve always thought about twenty to twenty-five fish were plenty for a tank this size. On the other hand, I’ve also had as few as seven in a 55-gallon tank. Really, it depends on the size of the fish, how much space they require and where they will occupy that space in your tank.

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A 55-gallon fish tank will be the focal point of any room. You may choose to build an aquarium with real driftwood, plants and rocks, or you may instead go the artificial route. In either case, if you put in the effort and take some time to learn the ropes you can really create an incredible fish tank.A big tank like a 55-gallon is much more roomy, dimension-wise, and this means you can start to think of your aquarium in terms of zones. Most fish have a specific area of the tank they prefer to inhabit and, while they will matriculate around the tank a bit, that is where they spend most of their time.Of course, the fish you intend to stock play a very big part in how much success you have with your new aquarium. A 55-gallon tank may seem enormous, and it is a very big volume of water to have in a living room, but compared to a stream or lake it is pretty tiny. You still have a tight margin of error when it comes to making smart stocking decisions and choosing the right fish.But you’ll have special concerns with a 55-gallon fish tank stand because of the dimensions and the weight. Avoid putting it in the middle of a room, where it can cause the floor to sag. Instead, place it right next to a .Kept alone in a 55-gallon tank a GSP makes for a great pet, and a very cool tank setup. But, probably more than any other fish, the Green Spotted Puffer requires a deep understanding of what you are getting yourself into before you purchase.