Aqueon Aquarium Black 24" Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood

This is another good 55 gallon fish tank stand from Aquatic Fundamentals. Quality aquarium furniture with moisture-resistant, powder-coat finish Sturdy aquarium stands feature metal-to-metal locking cam assembly. Quality aquarium furniture lets your aquarium get the attention it deserves. Unlike “lip-only” stands that support only at the corners, these solid-top models support every square inch of your aquarium. Dense fiberboard core construction and a moisture-resistant, black powder-coat finish. Looks great in any room to give your aquarium a clean finished look. Powder-coat Finish The finish on these stands is created using state-of-the-art powder-coating process, which ensures that the end product is extremely durable and moisture-resistant.

I want to know where to buy a acylic or glass lid for my 55 gallon fish tank.

I watched a video sometime back, while I was working out my design, where a guy’s drain got clogged and he accidentally dumped his entire system onto the ground overnight and lost a number of fish. Based on this, I created my system where there is no pump inside my fish tank. Essentially, it stays 100% full at all times with an overflow that exits into a recessed 55 gallon barrel (sump tank), and from there water is pumped out and up to the garden, where it eventually drains and returns back to the fish tank itself. That way, there is no reason the water in the fish tank should ever sit below the level of the overflow. It works really smoothly, and I was feeling pretty great about it. However, there was a small catch in making sure that I keep fish from draining from my overflow into the sump tank. I thought a perfect solution was to cover the overflow with window screen material, and that seemed to work flawlessly about a week’s worth of testing. But… that was pre-fish! Yesterday, after the fish being in the tank for a few hours, I noticed that some waste material was collecting on the screen, but water was still flowing. I left the house for a couple of hours to play volleyball last night, and when I returned I found that screen had become so clogged that it couldn’t keep up with the water coming back from the garden. Over a that 2 hours I dumped about 35 gallons of water out of the system, and when I took the lid off my sump tank, I found that my pump was danged close to running dry!

Where did you get your 55 gal aquarium hood

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