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Getting a high quality stand for a would require spending a large amount of money; however, the cheap but very durable 55 gallon aquarium stands in this review will even satisfy the most demanding customers.

55 Gallon Wood Cabinet Aquarium Stand idea

The Brooklyn 55 is a solidly built stand constructed from steel and expressly designed for 55 gallon aquariums. This fish tank also has adjustable feet so you can level it, and the sleek design makes it an ideal match for any interior motif design. Aside from being durable, the stand is also reasonably priced especially when compared with others.

Aquarium Metal Tank Stand Deluxe for 55 gallon Aquarium

55 gallon aquarium stand diy project. Too easy. The Altra Furniture harbor stand can hold up to a 75 gallon aquarium. The weight capacity of this stand is 900 pounds. This means that if you are nervous about a stand holding your aquarium, you can be at ease of mind with this stand if you have a 55 gallon aquarium because it was made to withstand up to 176 pounds more of water when a 75 gallon is placed atop.

The Altra Furniture harbor stand is made out of particleboard which is essentially recycled wood chips compacted tightly. This makes for strong boards that give support under your whole aquarium and not just at the ends.

A con is that there is no mention of the stand being water-resistant. This means if the stand gets wet it may get damaged and weaken if not dried immediately.

The Altra Furniture harbor stand has black finish and brushed-nickel handles to add style to any room in your house.

The highlight of the Altra Furniture harbor stand is the storage capacity. This stand has 2 large cabinet doors underneath your aquarium for hidden storage for aquarium equipment such as nets, water treatments, and substrate. The middle of the stand is open and has 2 shelves for exterior storage for often-used items such as fish food or for decorations. One shelf is adjustable so you can decide how high you want it. The con with the storage is that the cabinets do not provide enough space to place a large canister filter or sump within if you use these.

The assembly is a bit difficult because there is many small pieces and different boards to put together. However, Altra Furniture does provide to make the assembly doable within an hour. I recommended you do not mind assembly if you purchase this stand.

Top Fin® Durham 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand | Aquarium Stands | PetSmart

The Marco 55 gallon upright stand is made from dense fiberboard which supports every inch of your aquarium, not only at corners. You can feel safe that your aquarium is held stable with this stand.

The Marco 55 gallon upright stand's fiberboard is covered in melamine laminate which is glossy and waterproof. Water will not hurt this aquarium stand unless the stand's melamine laminate is somehow torn off.

The Marco 55 gallon upright stand features metal-to-metal cam locks to hold the stand together reliably instead of wood screws. This ensures your stand is stable and not wobbly, while confiding that the stand will not collapse ever.

The back of the stand has a large opening which leads to the inside of the stand which is open. Here you can store equipment such as sumps and canister filters. This also allows you to hide your cords here which lead up to your aquarium display.

The Marco 55 gallon upright stand is available in black, cherry, or oak color. This means that you can choose the color which best suites your home or preference.

The Marco 55 gallon upright stand is simple to assemble. Simply lock the metal cam locks together to put together the fiberboard panels. Follow the instructions manual for assistance.

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