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I have a cycled 55 gallon saltwater tank with 55 lbs live rock and 60 lbs live sand, all levels are fine but have loss the two first fish added to the tank. Can anyone help. The temperature is 78.

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So I currently have a 55 gallon saltwater Fish only and live rock tank. The nitrite is at 1 and i dont remember the nitrate but it wasnt that high. I added fritz enyme 9 to the tank the other day it should help lover the Nitrite. I added a marine buffer because my ph was a little low, so it should raise it to 8.3. I have been doing water changes to get rid of the nitrate. Everything seems to be going good. I have 20 pounds of live rock in the tank and about 20 pounds of live sand.

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Monster Eel attacking fish!!!!!! 55 Gallon saltwater fish tank. - YouTube What would be the maximum of inches of fish I could keep in a 55 gallon reef tank with a css protien skimmer (rated for 65 gallons) and 400 gallon per hour wet/dry filter with 75 pounds of live rock. Sorry for such a silly question like this, but it will really help me when I go to select fish.(New at the SaltWater thing) Thanks!

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Many decisions need to be made before even starting to set up a such a tank, with size being perhaps the first. While saltwater tanks are possible as small as 10 gallons, they are very difficult to maintain (they cannot be self sustaining) and do not offer much variety. I picked a 55 gallon tank as a good size for a beginner; not so small as to make maintaining an ecological balance too difficult, yet small enough it would not (I hoped) break the bank in costs. I did not wish to make a project that took a great deal of my time each day - rather I wanted to build as much as possible a self sustaining system. I did not want a simple glass cage with some pretty fish; instead I wanted a coral reef environment in my living room.

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