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The Lagoon all-in-one (AIO) aquariums is Innovative Marine's newest product line and consists of a 25 gallon "squat cube" and a 50 gallon aquarium. The Lagoon line mirrors the high build quality of IM's NUVO and SR lines with a few differences:

This is a 50gallon rimless starphire glass cube from Clear Diamond Aquariums

Here we have another glimpse of the attractive Pukani rock that I received and intend to use in my 50-gallon cube reef aquarium project. A high-pressure hose washing of each piece is followed by careful immersion within RODI water inside a Brute trash bin. This will begin the curing process which entails removal of organic matter contained on the rock, within the crevices, etc.

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Here is some footage of the dry rock aquascape in my 50 gallon cube aquarium Receipt, unboxing and description of the 30-35 pounds of dry Pukani rock that will be used for the reef foundation in my 50-gallon cube project. This is my first go at reefing, after years of freshwater aquarium keeping and occasional successes with spawnings. I had a traditional saltwater tank years ago. Been spending lots of time reading, viewing and researching setting up and managing reef aquariums, from equipment to the reef inhabitants.

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To further that goal, IM has given aquarists more choices than ever. By our count, IM now offers 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 120 gallon AIOs (of various dimensions ranging from traditional rectangles to cubes to low profile tanks) slotted into the NUVA, SR, and Lagoon product lines along with matching stands and interchangeable desktop, midsize, and fullsize accessories.

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