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The lid on this portrait aquarium is a horizontal sliding canopy. Instead of having to lift the lid straight up or on a hinge, this aquarium lid slides back and forth. It really adds a nice touch to the overall appeal of this 5 gallon aquarium. Having it slide rather than lift means that you won’t be fighting the light fixture for space. Better than that, it makes feeding time easier and general aquarium maintenance much less of a hassle.

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This aquarium kit from Marineland has all the essential features that a beginner might need to start his first venture of fish keeping. The filter and the lighting system have unique features that most of the other 5 gallon fish tank sets in the market do not provide, so clearly having this set for your home will be ideal.

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I show how to put in the led light on the aqua culture 5 gallon aquarium from Walmart. I hope this helps you out:) thanks for watching What if you do more than 5 watt/gallon? cloud9aquariums from Youtube talks about lighting with CFL. My 110 gallon tank lights that runs on 26 watts total of CFL bulbs seems to have enough to cover the whole tank. If you have a 125 watts total of CFL in there, it will be incredibly bright.

Aqueon® Colormax T8 Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp.

A 5 gallon aquarium kit with filter and light is a great choice for starters who want to keep Betta fish or other small fish in their first tank. Known that, I have covered some of the best 5 gallon in this review which come in various dimensions (long, high) and shapes for you to choose. Besides, I also provide you how to set up and maintain the tank in the final section of this article to help you easily get starting.

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