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Since we were upgrading to the 5-gallon tank, I did not even consider a temporary solution such as the Betta Bowl Mini Heater made by Zoo Med. While companies may advertise they're safe, a heater in anything as small as a 1-gallon bowl is too dangerous for any fish, especially if you can't maintain a tropical temperature. I would not advise using these at all, unless you're willing to sacrifice your fish.

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I am putting my 5 gal tank through a manual cycle by hand since I don’t have any plants yet. If I feed it Betta food , does that mean I can only put a betta fish in that environment or it will still be suitable for neon tetra if I change my mind and not have a betta?

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Watch this video Unboxing of the Tetra Complete LED 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank Kit. However, these are great pets and once purchased should be taken care of properly thank you so much for finding these wonderful heaters for the Betta hybrids that they sell at pet stores. I love all 20 of mine and I have to purchase 5 heaters for 5 five gallon tanks. Finally thank you KDeus for your effort in finding perfect inexpensive heaters for Betta fishes, keep in mind what you have purchased and why it was bred, and enjoy your Betta. These poor fishes took tens of thousands of years to evolve into what they are, with some selective breeding, we as consumers cannot buy a Betta that is a wild type native fish, that is perfectly adapted to the environment where it resides. Instead we get GMOs that if released back into the wild in its native range would back cross with the ancestral strains, and cause an ecological disaster. All of you should research these animals on Google and take a look at the beautiful native species NOT hybrids. See what natural selection has produced and compare it to these artificially bred GMOs. It is worth it, and when you see these native fishes you will realize there has never been a need to alter their genetic make up, they are the most beautiful animals that have adapted to the low oxygen (anoxic) conditions so well. The wild native fishes in the genus Betta are some of the most wonderful animals in the tropics.

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Hello Kangaroo Mama, A 20-gallon will still be too small for goldfish. Fancy goldfish like fantails would need at least a very well-filtered 30-gallon and Comet Goldfish would need much larger still. The ratings on power filters are also very conservative and for lightly stocked tanks. For goldfish, you will need to get a filter rated for a larger tank than you have. For example, a 20-gallon goldfish tank would need a filter rated for at least 45-gallons or larger. I would recommend reading through the links that I sent you in the first reply for some information on caring for goldfish.

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While you can always buy a standard 5-gallon glass or plastic tank and , the best 5-gallon Betta fish tanks on this list all include built in pumps, lights and filtration.Here is a video of my five gallon platy fish tank with new decor. There are four females and one male (Red Wag Platy) in the tank. I love taking care of platy fish! FYI, 3 of the 5 fish I have owned for more than 3 months now, the new fish added were the Red Wag Platy and the Orange Mickey Mouse Platy