Coralife Aqualight HO T-5 Dual Lamp Aquarium Light Fixture 24" 48W.

All-Glass has a wide variety of aquarium hood sizes (18", 20", 24", 30", 36" and 48") to fit almost any standard gallon sized aquarium. Choice of black or oak finishes. Don't need a full hood fixture? Single, double, and triple bulb light "strips" are available as well.

Aquarium Lights decor FISH TANK LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 48-Inch NEW #Aqueon

LED light fixtures are available in 20", 24", 30", 36", 48" and are designed for full-coverage lighting on standard sized aquariums. Included with each fixture is one Day White LED lamp! Two expansion slots are available for additional Day White LED lamps or Colormax LED lamps. Energy-saving LED lamps use up to 70% less energy than comparable T8 fluorescent lamps and do not contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment. Mounting legs are pre-installed and easily adjust to fit your aquarium. The three-position power switch includes Moon Glow accents. The LED lamp connections are moisture-resistant and connect effortlessly into place!

Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light Fixture 48 inch - Marine and Reef

Aquatic Life Reef Edge LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 48" * More info could be found at the image url. We have received your recent product inquiry regarding a 48" SkyLED aquarium light fixture. The overall length of the unit is 48". Each unit includes adjustable legs mounts which offer approximately 2" of play on either side.

AquaticLife EDGE LED Aquarium Light Fixture - 48 Inch - Marine Depot

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the PAR values for a 48" SkyLED aquarium light fixture. Unfortunately we do not offer this information because the SkyLED Series is not geared nor market to support photosynthetic life.

Coralife Aqualight - S LED Aquarium Light Fixture - 48" - 54"

The 48 in. EDGE LED fixture measures 47 in. x 4 in. x 2 in. and fits aquariums from 47 in. to 50.25 in. wide. Comes complete with low-voltage power supply and acrylic lens cover. Each light fixture includes 114 LEDs ( 27-6K White, 27-9K White, 33-10K White, 7-Blue, 14-Red, 6-Blue Lunar LED's). NEW REEF EDGE NOW AVAILABLE! The revolutionary, feature-rich EDGE REEF LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life are a game changer in the realm of outdated, overcomplicated LED lighting systems presently available. These sleek, low-profile fixtures measure only 0.5 inches high and 4 inches wide, and were designed to enhance life inside the aquatic environment, while being almost invisible over your tank. The ultra-slim design coupled with state of the art LED technology ensures maximum light output is focused inside the aquarium, while six colors of 120-degree dispersion, 0.5W Watt LED’s ensure a full-spectrum of light needed by all the tank’s inhabitants. Available in two sizes to fit most aquariums: 36" and 48". The Aquatic Life EDGE LED Fixtures also introduce advanced features to both the novice and expert aquarist. The new Sunrise + Sunset Functions enable the LED’s to be easily programmed to slowly turn on or off in 10 minute increments over a two-hour period of time, thereby creating a variety of different Sunrise and Sunset effects. The Aquatic Life EDGE LED Fixtures feature a new, simple-to-use 3-Channel Timer that allows completely independent control of the Bright White, Mixed Color and Moonlight LED’s, creating lighting that replicates underwater daytime sunlight, and sunrise/sunset effects, and the shimmering blue glow of Moonlight. All three sizes were designed to provide the absolute maximum light output possible, while avoiding any heating of the aquatic environment. The adjustable width aquarium frame mounts with extendable arms safely support and position the fixture above any tank size.