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Conversely, the Top Fin 40 Hooded Aquarium is another competing 40 gallon glass tank offering for use on a table with its light weight and compact setup featuring dimensions of 36″ Wide x 18″ Long x 16″ High. The tank has a sleek black frame providing extensive structural support giving it a sturdy feel and includes centre bracing to prevent glass bowing. Like the Aqueon tank and all the other glass tanks reviewed in this MyAquarium article it is extremely versatile with the Top Fin 40 being suitable for freshwater, saltwater and reptilian use. It is a standard rectangular shape with similar dimensions to other 40 gallon tanks and the glass is of high quality. However, with all glass tanks there is a risk of cracking over time thus acrylic tanks are generally more durable yet have their own downfalls as well.

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Manufactured by joins their vast collection of premium tanks with a built in filtration system making ideal for Freshwater, Marine, Reef and Planted setups. As per our other reviews of the Clear-for-life tanks here at MyAquarium this 40 gal tank share the same quality build as others in the range being molded seamless and backed by their limited life time guarantee.In this acrylic tank is comparably 40% brighter in appearance and not needing supports, rails or silicone provides much better viewing than its . Being a Uniquarium it features a unique 3-in-1 filtration system combining mechanical, chemical and biological into one section allowing you to just setup, cycle, check nitrate and ph levels before introducing your choice of aquatics. Further move being acrylic modifications to the tank can easily be made without risking fracturing or damaging the remainder of the tank, note this will void the guarantee.The aquarium doesn’t include lighting or a hood although you can easily add standard sized LED lighting to suit. Being a molded acrylic tank, standing at 36” Long x 15” Wide x 16”, rather than having seamed pieces of glass algae can grow around the edges thus require a little hands on cleaning rather than just using an external magnetic cleaner (not ideal for acrylic either as particles can trap and scrape the material). Many users of the Uniquarium filtration system swap out the bioballs over time with live rubble rock due to over nitration.This Clear-for-Life Uniquarium is a solid investment for any aquatic fanatic, whether you are getting started and want an all in one tank, looking for a feature piece for your home or a looking to build out a planted / reef aquarium. Two colors are currently available to purchase, Blue and Sapphire Blue, .

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Clear-for-Life Rectangle 40 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium (Sapphire Blue) - .. Similarly, SeaClear also produce a similar sized 40 gallon tank called the . This is another high quality, premium rectangular acrylic tank similar to the Uniaquarium with a similar excellent value for money proposition. The tank is standard, rectangular with the dimensions 36″ Wide x 15″ Long x 16″ High making it suitable for even fairly small spaces as far as aquariums go. It is extremely versatile and suitable for reef, marine and freshwater setups and is a much loved favourite of aquarium owners.

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Both 40 gallon aquariums and measure 36 inches by 15 inches by 16 inches and weigh a moderate 20 pounds. They are constructed from lightweight, impact-resistant acrylic with more clarity than glass. Both the deluxe and basic kits are safe for freshwater fish or saltwater fish and are great options for a 40 gallon aquarium for beginners.

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