SeaClear Rectangular 40 Gallon Aquarium Combos in Black.

The tank is tall - about 30" wide by 20" high by 12" deep. We left about 1/4 (10 gallons give or take) of the original water in there and filled to the top with dechlorinated water. The levels are fine so far, but I continue to test them. It came with two Top Fin 40 filters, which I someday hope to replace with a better filter. I kept the filter media in there (still looks clean enough) so the good bacteria can help stablilize the water. It also has a bubbler under the gravel. It has ugly black with neon gravel - I like a more natural-looking tank, but I haven't done anything with the gravel yet either. I hope to eventually add more realistic-looking plants and some aquarium-safe rocks and stones.

So my boyfriend bought me a 40 gal tall aquarium with angelfish that came w

Most home improvement stores and other big-box stores stock 48-inch plant and aquarium bulbs for shop lights. A shop light with fixtures for two of these fluorescent bulbs is adequate for a moderate- to low-light 55-gallon or a moderate- to high-light 40-long. For shorter tanks, you can find fluorescent grow lights in sizes that fit easily on 20- or 30-gallon long/tall tanks.

Standard Glass Rectangle Aquariums | Aqueon

So my boyfriend bought me a 40 gal tall aquarium with angelfish that came w. Recently upgraded to a 40 gallon tall aquarium and I'm loving it.

Current fish in this tank are:
1 Male Blue Opaline Gourami. (Female soon)
2 Fire Red Dwarf Gouramis

2 long finned black tetras
1 Cory Catfish

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In 2008, we averaged over 100 glass tanks per week of all sizes

This is easily the most uniquely designed tank on this list. It’s a 40 gallon tall aquarium with a unique cylindrical design that also implements some elements of a rectangle and bow front aquarium, resulting in the best parts of all those tank models. It’s got a beautiful black, glossy finish which will make it a great décor piece.

48 x 18 x 13 Tall, $137, [Pictures]