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Also, when I used my liquid API test kit (which doesn't have hardness readings) it indicates about 40 ppm nitrate, if I remember correctly. I had just gotten accustomed to using those woefully inaccurate strips for general use since I was largely monitoring KH. Aquarists used to (and some still do) advocate changing less water more often, and I was one of them--until recently. There is an excellent article on this topic in the November 2009 issue of TFH that clearly proves that larger water changes once a week are much more beneficial. Studies cited therein show that toxins in the water are more diluted with a major pwc once a week that they are with daily smaller changes. Major changes every day would be ideal, but most of us don't have that kind of enthusiasm. Once a week, 40-50%, works. Interestingly, I have been doing this for 15 years without knowing how beneficial it really was; the fish just seemed to like it, and I've never had problems with water chemistry, so I did it. Now I know why it is so successful. So, do the weekly pwc and change 40-50% and your fish will be healthier. If you can manage two such changes a week, even better.

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The NUVO Fusion Mini 40 represents everything we love about Reef Keeping and features that will boost your hobby’s experience to the next level; it’s not just the next aquarium, but what the next aquarium should be.

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Aquarium dimensions (L x W x H): 40 X 42 X 40 CM (15.7 X 16.5 X 15.7 IN) The Top Fin 40 gallon fish tank is quite good value with a reasonable price point for beginners or professionals looking for a new tank. It does come with a black trimmed hood as standard with a fitting for a fluorescent light sold separately. Other accessories such as filters and nets also need to be purchased separately which detract slightly from the value add although this would mainly affect new aquarists.

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Overall, even if one was to purchase all the required accessories separately, total outlay would still be less than some of the more overpriced tanks on the market. In order for use with reptiles the fluorescent light fitting could still be used simply by placing a UV light in the fitting instead making it convenient for use in both niches. The Top Fin 40 is a sturdy, well built glass tank which won’t disappoint anyone looking for a good aquarium deal. For more detail on this e .

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Planted Fish Tank 40 gallon Long Aquarium big thanks to everyone for the support on the things me and mrmom are doing. showed my deformed rainbow who is almost three. really loving the planted aquarium hobby. well loving the fish tank hobby in general. like always more videos to come planted aquarium planted fish tank planted aquarium with rainbows

The next step is to buy your fish. You have many choices here. I do not have any live bearing fish, such as guppies, platies, and mollies. These tend to reproduce like crazy, and you will end up with a lot of little baby fish in your aquarium. I prefer the non-live bearers, such as barbs, tetras, danios, and corydoras (catfish). Angel fish are beautiful, but get up to 5" to 6" in length and are a little more on the aggressive side. This does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful, healthy community aquarium and incorporate angel fish into it, but remember to have a large tank. Always remember to get maybe three fish (for small aquariums, such as 10 gallons) to start with and 6 to 9 fish to start with for 20 to 40 gallon aquariums. This is because the filtration system that is composed of beneficial bacteria is not yet established. I will discuss this later in the article. Here are some pictures below of common species of fish sold at the pet stores.