55 Gallon Aquarium: 48 x 13 x 21 – 48 1/4 x 12 3/4 x 21

I'm Sakuda, just joined, but I've been an avid fish lover for a few years. Anyway. I work at a pet store and we got a Baby Biorb 4 gallon tank returned to us because it was leaking, the manager wrote it off to throw away and I asked if I could have it, and voila, got a free fish tank. Any other time, I wouldn't bother with such a small aquarium, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I was able to fix the leak and now I'm ready to get it running. Problem being, I've always used the same 30 gallon tank and not really had to worry too much about the size/number of fish to put in because well, it's easier to guestimate with a larger tank. So I was curious to know if anyone here has had experience with a tank of this size and the best way to maximise the beauty of only a few fish in there. I may just go the easy route and put guppies in there since they're pretty and small, but that also brings up the question of, how many? 2, 3 maybe? I think it's a pretty neat little setup, here's some more info if anyone's not familiar with the Biorbs

black river rock aquarium | photo caption planted tanganyikan 46 gallon bow tank description ...

Also, there are other types of fish tanks used for breeding purposes. The aquarium dimensions of breeder tanks vary based on the gallon size and water volume, but they generally are deeper in terms of width. Just be aware that when one speaks of a 40 gallon tank for example, it may be 40 gallon long tank a 40 gallon breeder tank, each with different aquarium dimensions.

60 Gallon Aquarium: 48 x 13 x 24

65 Gallon Aquarium: 36 x 18 x 24 – 36 3/8 x 18 3/8 x 25 Our two pet bass, Bonnie and Clyde, got an upgrade as we went from a 55 gallon tank to a 300 gallon aquarium. Our new custom aquarium took 13 weeks to build and we go over the advanced filtration system, substrate, lighting, and live plants we will be adding. Comment below what you would like to see in this massive aquarium.

Our Aquarium:
Size - 300 Gallon - 96x30x24 inches
Lighting - 3 Kessil 90W Tuna Sun
Substrate - Eco Complete
Heaters - 3 500W Finnex
Python Hose -
Portable GFCI -
Chlorine Remover -

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75 Gallon Aquarium: 48 x 18 x 21 – 48 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 21 1/8

The aquarium itself is acrylic, which biOrb says is ten times stronger than glass. An advanced aquarium set up is supplied in one box: 4 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium, biOrb 12V Transformer, biOrb Air Pump, Airstone, Ceramic Media (1 pound), Filter cartridge, Water Conditioner 5 ml, Beneficial Bacteria liquid 5 ml, and MCR LED light unit with remote control. Under $100.

90 Gallon Aquarium: 48 x 18 x 24 – 48 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 25 3/8

Comets and shubunkins are commonly kept as pond fish – you’ll want at least a 416-liter aquarium or pond (110 gallons!) for these fish once they reach adulthood. Eventually, they’ll grow pretty large and will need more space to swim around.3 goldfish won’t survive for long in a gallon tank. You’ll want to definitely buy a larger aquarium soon, before your fish reach adulthood. I recommend at least 40 gallons for 3 fancy goldfish.