In a fish tank, there are 24 goldfish, 2 angel fish, and 5 guppies

This would have been the heater that I kept, except for one small issue. It indicated in the manual that if the ambient temperature reached 78 degrees, to unplug the heater. Since we were still cycling without the fish, we could test what happened when the room temperature increased. Here in Florida, it's not unusual during the winters for us to have outdoor temperatures in the 40s in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. What we found was on the warmer days, the tank's temperature was increasing up to 86 and at night was dropping to about 76-78. The room temperature was about 78 and 69 respectively.

Solution: There are 12 fish. If 3 fish are put in each tank there will be 4 tanks.

We recommend lighting only for about 4 hours a day. Light at a time when you will be spending time in the room so you can enjoy the tank. Less lighting generally mean less chance for an algae outbreak. Provided the room in which the tank is, isn’t completely dark, your fish won’t require much bright light. Aquarium light in fresh water aquariums benefit the owner more then the fish.

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My brother has four goldfish in a 10 gal tank. Each fish is about 3-4 inches long. Should I tell him to get a bigger tank? i have 5 white oscar fish and 4 black oscar fish it is .k or not .k in fung shui tradition and my tank i put in north inside our house near in dining area? plz advice! thnx

I've always heard to only add 2-4 fish to a tank at a time..

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Yes, living room is a great place for fish tank. And according to an expert, east and southwest are suitable locations for fish tanks that can help enhance money luck from 2004 to 2023.

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d). Light: T4 power compact fluorescent, or T5 high output fluorescent, forfish only setup (for planted tank or reef tank setup, please contact us forrecommendation of upgrade or add-on light).Deep Blue Professional ADB88700 Biomaxx Nano Filter can do well for small Betta fish tanks or aquariums up to 4 gallons. Moreover, the filter come with an adjustable flow control knob make it perfect for Betta fish as well as other small fish which love to live in gentle and clean water flow.For choosing the best filter for a small 3/4/5 gallon fish tank which stock Betta fish or other small fish, you should choose one that not only ensures the water clean and clear but also generates a gentle flow rate in order not to stress the fish. So what I’ll do in this post is to cover some of (include internal/external power, canister, corner, sponge filters) for small tanks with small fish or Betta that you can choose from based on your needs and budget.There are several methods aquariists use to determine the safeholding capacity of their aquarium. One inch of fish per gallon ofwater is a good rule of thumb for most small community fish(like most Tetras, , Rainbowfish, andPlaties). However, larger species (like , Channel Catfish, Plecostomus, and TinfoilBarbs), or messier species (like , , Koi, and African Cichlids), marinefish (like Blue Damsels, Klein's Butterflies, Bangai Cardinalfish, andPercula Clowns), and colder water fish (like , , Gars, and Bass) need moreavailable resources, so they should only have one inch of fish forevery three or more gallons of water. Other methods calculate fishweight per volume of water (1 gram of fish for every 4 liters ofwater), fish length to capacity, orfish length to surface area (1" of fish for every 12 sq. in. ofsurface). However, all of these methods will vary as noted above forlarge or messy fish. Additionally, there are specific types of fishthat have more demanding needs or are more adamant about territoriesand , and the needs of these fish willneed to be taken into consideration if you are keeping any of them. Asshown in the chart below, the results each of these rules will giveyou can vary considerably, especially in larger tanks.