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David A. Lass has kept fish since he was a kid in Ohio in the 1960s. He has owned local fish stores and an import/distribution company. Primarily a freshwater hobbyist, David has many tanks, from 300 gallons down to 5 gallons, and his favorite fish are angelfish and oddball catfish.

A full-sized 300 gallon fish tank to grow up to 60 full-sized, edible fish per year!

This is the 300 gallon Clear For Life fish tank, which is essentially the same as the first tank that we included in the list, except it’s black. Many fish keepers would prefer to have the black background as it allows any of the decorations they’ve included in the tank to stand out better, but it really comes down to personal preference (also what your fish likes!). Here is why we love this monster sized aquarium:

300 Gallon Custom Fish Tank/Aquarium

Two feet wideThree feet tallEight feet longReptile tank// fish tank it’s a beast 300 gallon tank My acrylic Fresh Water 300 gallon tank. Tank dimenision 96" X 24" X 30".
24" Silver Arowana
13" Silver Arowana
15" Black Pacu
6" Red Bellied Pacu
Red Devil
Red Devil
Silver Dollars
Spotted Gar
Alligator Gar
Bitcher Fish
Red Texas
Jack Dempseys
Lima Cat Fish
Up Side Down Cat
Green Terror
Four Line Cat FIsh
Raf Cats
Red Texas
Clown Knife

Im useing a fluval fx5 and wet dry filter for the tank. The lights are two 48" coralife aqualights. I use pool sand for the substrate. Natural driftwood. Please see my other videos of my pirahas and turtles.

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When it comes to fish and aquariums, one person’s ideal could very easily be another’s horror show. For example, across from my desk here, I have a 300-gallon heavily planted freshwater tank with a 125-gallon sump. For me, that is an ideal tank. Good friends were over last week, and the wife’s take on the tank is that it is frightening having that much water on the second floor of the house—and she is much happier with the 20-gallon setup we gave them a few years ago.

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The 300 gallon fish tank is not a typical fish tank and may have certain qualities, for example, being isolated into two parts, separating aggressive and non-aggressive fish. Many accessories are to be required for a tank of this size, such as multiple heaters, multiple filters, substrate, treatment chemicals and of course, the fish! But this size of tank is not for the feint hearted, and anyone considering one should either hire a specialist to do maintenance or be prepared to put a lot of work into maintaining the tank. These tanks are mostly for restaurants or office block lobbies so usually, so it can be considered a business expense on the maintenance! Also, understand that 300 gallons is an extreme amount of water and as such has an extreme amount of weight. Positioning and supporting the tanks weight is imperative to it’s success so ensure that it is placed on a very sturdy surface and that the floor and surface it is placed on can support it’s weight. Bid History for 300 Gallon Fish Tank
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