Aml35706 Half Moon Aquarium Stand For 20 And 30 Gallon ..

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30 gallon Half Moon Glass Aquarium. LED Lighting that has night and day lighting. Stand and filter.

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My 30 Gallon Half Moon Aquarium : Aquariums - Reddit

I have been looking everywhere on information on drilling a 30 gallon half moon aquarium This is an update on my 30 Gallon Community Aquarium since I made my last video on my T3chVoid Channel. So far everything has been going really well with no issues! All my fish and shrimp have been growing and thriving really well! :)

I have:
- 1 Half-moon Betta
- 5 Neon Tetras
- 3 Zebra Danios
- 3 Kubotai Botias
- 2 Keyhole Cichlids
- 2 Oto Catfish
- 2 Assassin Snails
- 1 Plecko
- 3 Ghost Shrimp and many babies!

30 gallon half moon | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

The story begains with me and my soon to be wife walking into Saltys to buy a MH bulb and mabey a baby . On ariving I noticed a 144 gallon half moon stratigicly place at the front door.......placed so one must walk around it to enter the store. As I walked past the tank dreaming and dooling I heard the sweet sound of Cristy say oooohhh thats a nice tank. WHATS THIS I SAY TO MY SELF......could it be, There's no way she would ever be interested in an aquarium. But when I looked back YES! its true, there she stood looking at the tank. It was only a glance but in that moment I knew that there was a chance! I thought to myself play it cool John, dont blow this..........I knew that I had only one shot to make the sale. My heart raced. My hands grew sweaty. What to do, I thought, what to I say, where do I stand. I stood there blank faced on till something inside of me said YOUR BLOWING IT YOU FOOL!!!! I knew I had to say something but what. Then with out warning a voice broke the dreadful silient. It was Bobby the store owner. Thats a great tank he exclaimed! Cristy smiled and said, Yea it shure is. By then I and collected my thoughts and formed a plan. If my plan was going to work I had to hit it now. With a deep beath I began to say, I like it because it looks really big but its only 144 gallons. My tank with the refugium is.........( I pretended to fumble with the math) 320 gallons she said. I smiled on the inside because she has be saying for a while that she wished I had a smaller tank. I chimed in (thats half what we have now, but look how much bigger it looks. She grined and began to walk past the tank on into the store. D@M IT!!! I though where is she going!!!! I thought I had her...........Dont panic I said to myself, mabey she just wants to look at the back of the tank, D@M IT!!! she didnt look at the back, but just kept walking. Ok I said, mabey she whats to look at the tank from a distance.....D@M IT!!!!! She was looking at the fish not even looking at the tank. What to do I thought in a sad panic. Scew it!! I going to say it. Baby I said.............I..............I.......want that tank. She said we dont need anymore tanks. So I asked a pleaded for about a minute then when I realized I was getting anywhere I decided to step it up a notch.........So there I am ON MY KNEES IN THE MIDDLE OF SALTYS begging like a little fat kid for a candy bar. Then I heard the magical words BUT WE DIDN'T DRIVE THE TRUCK...................................YES!!!!!!! !! I said no problem. I can get it tommorow. She said well lets go to get something to eat and we sleep on the tank idea. So I get up off my knees and with my last shred of pride told Bobby Id see him tommorow. The next day we went to the bank and took the money from our house fund and I got it. I think I will be selling my 220g and my 30g and my 55g..............I going to try to ONE TANK thing.

New Marineland 30 Gallon Led Half Moon Aquarium - Letgo