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The 54 gallon fish tank dimensions are 40 inches by 30 inches by 54 inches and weighs a moderate 110 pounds, making it one of the lighter and easier tanks to move around on this list. The color is a sleek black (Black Pine Sand) and the tank includes a glass canopy in place of a hood. It works as a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium and includes a 30 inch LED lamp that mimics daylight.

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This SeaClear fish tank is your best choice if you want to make a statement and impress your guests. With 30 gallons in capacity, this aquarium also comes with a 24” lighting fixture, as well as a reflector. Both these features allow you to create unique effects “underwater”. This unit is rated to be clearer than glass, but also way stronger. Despite the size, the lightweight construction is certainly a plus. All in all, the acrylic fish tank can take both fresh and salt water. It might look irrelevant, but the water type limits your fish choice. Therefore, there are no restrictions from this point of view. It is also impact resistant, so it will not crack if you have kids or other pets around the home.

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30 gallon �� fish tank Curve Glass W/Air Pump,Filter,heather,rocks,decor & light Do you have kids? (I was 4 years old and accidentally put a chair leg through the front glass of our 30-gallon tank, sending a lake of water, angelfish, broken glass, and rocks everywhere. It happens on the best of days)

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The lightweight design is probably the most impressive benefit of these tanks. The best acrylic fish tanks are easy to move around, so you will not really end up with a hernia if you want to change the decor and move the aquarium. The lightweight construction also gives you the opportunity to invest in a larger unit. Generally, an acrylic tank is about 40% to 50% lighter than a glass tank in exactly the same size. So, if you were considering a 30 gallon fish tank and you didn’t have acrylic-made aquariums in your mind, after knowing about them, you might want to consider some , which is obviously an upgrade, while still keeping the net weight of the aquarium roughly the same.

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This is another traditional rectangle fish tank design for a 30 gallon aquarium. It’s a pretty straight forward design with an acrylic make for impact resistance and clarity. It works for saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish and the clarity of the glass allows for the fish and plants inside to pop against the blue background that conceals the filtration system.The measurements on this 56 gallon fish tank are, once again, in two parts. The tank itself is 18 inches by 30 inches by 24 inches while the stand is 19 inches by 31 inches by 29 inches. It utilizes clean lines for a modern design and includes a glass canopy instead of a 55 gallon fish tank hood. There is an included light fixture and well concealed functional components to bring the focus on the beauty of your fish.