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The Marineland LED Aquarium Hood has three sizes to choose from - 20.5 x 10.2 x 3.6 inches, 24 x 12.2 x 3.6 inches and 30.5 x 12.2 x 3.7 inches, allowing you to fit it on most standard fish tanks. Made of durable plastic and glass it also features a great night light effect.

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COODIA Ultrathin LED Aquarium Light Tank Hood Lighting Fish Tank Planted Aquatic Pets Lamp with Extendable Brackets, White and Blue LEDs (for fresh and salt water) (18–30 inch)

Aqueon Aquarium Black 30" Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood.

Apr 22, 2017 - Elive Track Light LED Aquarium Fish Tank Hood, Adjustable from 24-30 Inch, Includes 4 White + 1 Blue Pod, Holds Up to 14 LED Pods. Koval Inc. 78 LED Aquarium Lighting for 24 inch - 30 inch Fish Tank Light Hood This Upgraded Colorful Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquariums. It is not only helps algae to grow more luxuriant, but also makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value of your aquariums. Perfect for your water plant and fish. Specifications: - Aquarium Light: 78 LEDs - Blue LEDs: 6pcs(460nm, 0.1W) - Pink LEDs: 4pcs (465nm, 0.1W)…

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So you have a 20 gallon aquarium and need a hood and light to go with it? sounds pretty familiar. When I bought my own tank I found a used 20 long. As I already had plenty of fish keeping experience it didn't take long to have my tank fully up and running with the best 20 gallon aquarium hood I could find. For this guide I will be focused on 20 longs, 30L x 13W x 13H, and 20 talls, 24L 13W 17H. I personally like to give my fish more width to watch them swim but tall tanks allow for different designs and beautiful plant/coral displays.

Aqueon Aquarium Black 30" Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood ..