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Koval Inc. 78 LED Aquarium Lighting for 24 inch - 30 inch Fish Tank Light Hood This Upgraded Colorful Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquariums. It is not only helps algae to grow more luxuriant, but also makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value of your aquariums. Perfect for your water plant and fish. Specifications: - Aquarium Light: 78 LEDs - Blue LEDs: 6pcs(460nm, 0.1W) - Pink LEDs: 4pcs (465nm, 0.1W)…

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All-Glass has a wide variety of aquarium hood sizes (18", 20", 24", 30", 36" and 48") to fit almost any standard gallon sized aquarium. Choice of black or oak finishes. Don't need a full hood fixture? Single, double, and triple bulb light "strips" are available as well.

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30 Inch Aquarium Light The Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods are state of the art light hoods. The s give the same shimmering effect as Metal Halides. The low power consumption and long bulb life make these sleek, low profile hoods more economical to operate than their fluorescent cousins. Available in 3 sizes which fit most 20, 24 and 30-inch sizes.

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Lights have cords on both ends and can be daisy chained. One adaptor (1 amp output @ 12v) should supply three lights (0.3 amps @ 12v). Two lights fit nicely under my 30″ wide T8 enclosure and made a nice upgrade for my aquarium.

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The size of your aquarium will also factor in your lighting choice. Deeper aquariums require more intense lighting, as the water’s depth will limit light penetration. A tank that is 30 inches deep will require a much more intense light than a tank that is 18 inches deep.The SHO (Super High Output) is a new power compact for planted and reef aquariums as well as hydroponics – because of their full spectrum light output. These lamps work in conjunction with reflectors to maximize the efficiency. The bulbs go for $30 each, and the installation is a . But, the health of the fish, plants, and coral make it worth the cost and trouble.Another concern with lighting your aquarium, is how well the lightwill penetrate to the bottom of the tank. In a short tank, this is notan issue. However as the height of the tank passes about 18", thewater interferes with the light enough that, while the tank may appearwell lit to the observer, the light that is reaching the bottom of thetank is no longer strong enough to help live plants (which shouldreceive good lighting all the way to their bases) or photosyntheticlive corals. Using high intensity N.O. fluorescent bulbs can give youanother few inches of penetration, however, you provide good lightpenetration for more than 22" with N.O. fluorescent lights. Powercompact or V.H.O. fluorescent lights penetrate further into your watercolumn, typically providing effective lighting for tanks up to 30"high. Metal halide lights provide the best penetration and arebeneficial in tanks over 30" high.I'm trying to stay away from co2 but with the depth of this aquarium I'm not totally sure if it's a necessity to have more light and add co2 because of the 30" depth of this aquarium. Thanks in advance for any insight on this.