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I'm getting a 29 gallon aquarium on September 9th. The tank comes with a 61w T5 fixture and I also have a 36w T5 fixture but I'm really interested in LEDs because they run cooler and are more cost effective in the long run. But I have no idea how much LED lighting is enough for a 29 gallon tank. I know that the marineland reef capable led lighting systems would be sufficient, however it would cost me well over $300 and I'm trying to spend no more than $150-$200 on lighting because I'm on a budget since I'm already dropping a couple bills on the tank itself. So I was considering the ecoxotic Panorama LED Module or a stunner strip. For some reason I think one of either of these would not be enough so I would still need to use at least one of my T5 fixtures in conjunction with either the stunner or module. Are there any led fixtures out that there would be enough light alone to support reef life in a 29 gallon aquarium that would be within my budget?

The Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit is available in 10, 20, 29, 37 and 55 gallon sizes. Each aquarium kit includes a 3 stage Bio Wheel

The Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit is available in 10, 20, 29, 37 and 55 gallon sizes. Each kit includes a Penguin Series Aquarium Power with patented BIO-Wheel technology, with an extra large BIO-Wheel and a Marineland LED Aquarium Hood.

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Marineland Biowheel 29 gallon aquarium with LED light is well worth its price. It’s easy to set-up, not much to maintain and performs capably. Marineland Bio-Wheel aquarium package capabilities a new up-to-date hood and LED lights. The modern modern day hood has been redesigned to make all other aquarium hoods out of date. Working day light-weight LEDs produce a shimmering light-weight that mimics the normal underwater result of daylight. Evening light-weight LEDs allow for for night time time satisfaction of the aquarium. Characteristics 3 situation change on, blue and off. Electrical power productive lower voltage energy offer assists decrease electrical power expenses. No mercury in LEDs producing them improved for the ecosystem than common aquarium lights. Very long long lasting 60-megawatt LEDs in no way switch a light-weight bulb once again. The LED aquarium light-weight integrates securely into spot even when the hood is open up. The hinges make feeding and routine maintenance speedy and straightforward. Hood features entry for feeding filtration and add-ons. Penguin bio-wheel filters and ceremony sizing filter cartridges are integrated in each individual package. The Bio-Wheel provides exceptional organic filtration reducing poisonous ammonia and nitrite on get hold of. It in no way clogs, in no way desires changing and calls for just about no routine maintenance. The Ceremony Measurement filter cartridge mechanically screens out filth and particles as it chemically eliminates dissolved squander. Just about every package arrives comprehensive with aquarium LED light-weight hood, LED aquarium light-weight penguin BIO-Wheel filter, Ceremony Measurement filter cartridge heater, thermometer, fish web and samples measurements of fish foodstuff and h2o conditioner. The aquarium has 29-gallon ability.
Bio-Wheel Aquarium Package Characteristics A New Up-to-date Hood And Led Lights
Characteristics three Posture Swap On, Blue And Off
Features 29 gallon glass aquarium, fluorescent lights, filter and cartridge
Also Features 200 Watt Submersible Heater, Fish Web, Thermometer, Meals And H2o Treatment Samples And Established Up Manual
The Led Aquarium Mild Integrates Securely Into Area Even When The Hood Is Open up

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The Marineland Biowheel 29 gallon aquarium with LED light is cheaper than most brands of the same size. The cheapest I saw online was just around $150. I got mine from Amazon at a little under $230. The description initially turned me off because the dimensions were very confusing. It’s almost like they were for a larger setup. I think that has since been changed, though.

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