I just went out and bought a brand new 29 gallon tank

Starting my first ever aquarium and am looking for a little stocking help. I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank all set up and it has been running for 5 days. Going out this weekend to start adding some fish. My plan is to have 5-7 Serpea Tetra, 5-7 Tiger Barbs and then something to have on bottom. My problem is that I keep running into walls for ideas for bottom feeders..

This video shows off my betta sorority that is in my 29 gallon fish tank/aquarium

Here is a list of fish that will live together peacefully in a 29-gallon aquarium. They all live at different water depths within the tank. These fish will bring lots of excitement to your aquarium with their bright colors and different shapes!

29 gallon tank, "larger" fish options

SeaClear Show Tank 29 Gallon Aquarium Kit at PetSmart. Shop all fish aquariums online. This is just my 29 gallon tropical tank I set up for my one year old daughter. The only fish i have stocked are 15 Neon Tetras and 2 neon green Glow Fish. FISH RECOMMENDATIONS GLADLY ACCEPTED IN COMMENTS. I'm currently running a Fluval 306 on this little guy, 1 bag of that National Geographic white sand and the rock is a 52 lb. chunk of Texas Holy Rock that came out of my 150 gallon cichlid tank. This aquarium used to be a grow out tank for my cichlids when they were holding but I got tired of that and the tank had been dry for 2 years since my last move so I decided to set up a tropical tank that my one year old little girl could enjoy. The only thing I don't have on yet is the background. I will post and updated video when I get it on. Thanks for the comments.

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It was kind of an awkward deal because I wanted to keep the size of the tank within my parents' budget...they wanted me and my daughter to have an aquarium as a gift. I remember my dad's 29 gallon achieving a stable, longest lasting, fuss free environment for the fish in it, and I knew that was financially feasible for them so I asked for the 29-gallon rather than something larger that would have better suited a greater range of cichlids.

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