28 Gallon Octagon Freshwater Fish Aquarium Tank Made In USA #Midwest

28 gallon nano cube cf-quad reef tank, the tank is about 1and so years.. i have Zoas, xenia, toadstool, frogspawn, torch, daisy polyps, green star polyps, green mushrroms, red mushrooms, blue mushroom, orange type coral, long tentacle type hard coral, clown fish, salfin tang, blue tang, brown powder tang, some hermit crabs, a bunch of hitch hikers, aptasia

This is a video of my fish with live rock (FOWLR) saltwater fish tank, it is a 28 gallon bow-front

This is a video of my fish with live rock (FOWLR) saltwater fish tank, it is a 28 gallon bow-front. The fish shown are 2 Orange & White False Percula Clownfish, 3 Black & White False Percula Clownfish, 1 Bangaii Cardinal, and crabs and snails thinking of making it a reef later on...Maybe...

28 gallon nano cube cf-quad reef tank with tangs/ fish - YouTube

letgo - 28 gallon complete fish tank with 6.. The 28-gallon biOrb fish tank features an Intelligent LED Light, which also uses a low voltage LED light that plugs into the transformer. The Intelligent LED Light uses an inbuilt timer which cycles through sunrise, daylight, sunset, and moonlight over a 24-hour period.

letgo - 28 gallon fish tank with stand! in Streamwood, IL

biOrb is a brand loved by many fish owners around the world, with their elegant, modern designs and easy setup they have become a firm favorite. In this article, we will be going back to basics and looking at the biOrb CLASSIC. The is available in 4 sizes; 4 gallons, 8 gallons, 16 gallons, and 28 gallons fish tanks.

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BiOrb Classic fish tanks range from 4 gallons to 28 gallons, you will find a size and style that is perfect for your needs. If you are short on space and only have one or two fish, consider a small BiOrb (4 gallons or 8 gallons). On the other hand, if you have a large room and/or more fish, a larger BiOrb (16 gallons or 28 gallons) might be more to your liking.If you want a more elaborate and extensive setup with tropical or coldwater fish, the larger classic BiOrb (BiOrb Classic 30/60/105) will work for you. If you want to start a saltwater aquarium but do not have much experience or space, the BiOrb Classic 105 (28 gallons) is a great tank. The larger BiOrb tank you use, the easier for you to maintain a reef tank setup.