20L reptile tank turned into fish tank

Thanks! If a 20g is the largest tank you can get, then definitely make it a 20L. That tank is 30 inches in length (compared to 24 inches for the normal 20g high) so the increased surface area is beneficial as I mentioned previously, for the oxygen exchange at the surface and also for the space for the fish. But in this same length you can have a 29g, which gives you a bit more volume for the same footprint. One of my tanks is a 29g and this is a nice tank.

Small Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater 20L PL Lighting Boyu Black / Silver

Although Heterandria formosa are commonly known as “least killifish”, they’re not actually killis! These tiny livebearers are a fun species to keep in your nano tank due to how easy it is to breed them. A ‘harem’ with 1 male and 2 females can be kept in tanks as small as 5 gallons (20L), while bigger groups are possible in slightly bigger setups.

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Betta fish tank 20L 20L nano tank by Petra Bašić I like the mountain effect and the use of cladophora. Smaller fish and trees on the front would improve the landspace, in my opinion. A part from that, this is a top aquascape! Well done Petra!

Fish R Fun Deco O Fish Tank White 20L

Aquatresor is a child friendly and easy-maintenance aquarium fish tank designed especially for small children.

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Available in three colours, this tank has 20L capacity, 42cm long and 34cm high. It includes a BIOBOX 0 filter with an EasyFlux 200 water pump and FREE filter media, 1kg of sand, 1 plastic plants, 1 water conditioner sachet and 1 food sachet.

It also comes complete with a money box built into the fish tanks hood, when you deposit money into the hole your child will be able to see their money build up visually in the money box's clear case at the back of the fish tank.
Additionally the Aquatresor is packaged with a sticker set, animated book, colour pencils set and a poster, to guarantee further fish orientated fun.

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20L Planted Aquarium

Lighting - 4x39w T5HO ( FNI 10k, Wavepoint Tropical Sun, FNI Pink, Giesemann Midday
CO2 - 3bps, 5lb Tank, Milwaukee Reg
Substrate - EcoComplete, White sand
Hardscape - Seiryu Stone, Malaysian Driftwood

Plants (Rear, Left to right)- Ludwigia Tornado, Pearlweed, Ludwigia Rubin, Limno Aromatica, Rononculus Inundatus, Rotala sp Green, Stargrass

Front - Dwarf baby tears, riccia

Fish & Shirmp - Boraras Urophthalmoides, Panda Corydoras, True SAE, Ottos, Fire Red Shrimp, Blueberry Shrimp, Farlowella Cat, 2 Neon Tetra (kept because they were spawning in old tank but discus and harlequins would eat all eggs)– Some Goldfish will grow up to 40cm, with the majority of goldfish growing up to 20cm. Take this into consideration when selecting a tank, I’d personally recommend at least 20L per gold fish. So if you only want a small tank, then you’re only going to be able to have 1 or 2 fish