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... sites that have good prices on extra large aquariums like a 200-250 gallon? ... Fish tanks seem to be one of those items that people pay a bunch for and then ...

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A relaxing visit to my 200 gallon aquarium. In this video you'll see my large Iridescent Sharks, some large Bala Sharks, a Red Tail Shark, an Albino Rainbow Shark, a few Roseline Sharks, some of my Clown Loaches, my Yoyo Loach enjoying the "spa", along with other fish. The tank dimensions are 69" x 21" x 34" tall. The decorations are very large and may be deceptive but to give you a good idea of fish size, the Red Tail Shark is 5 inches long, and the largest Iridescent is approx. 13 to 14 inches long. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

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200 Gallon Glass Fish Tank Aquarium w/ Cabinet Stand Fresh or Salt Water Mar 10, 2016 ... I building this tank was an awesome experience. ... 200 Gallon Plywood Bottom Aquarium .... Builds a 200 gallon fish tank from scratch. Puts in ...

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I came across these photos of an old Aquarium setup I had in my dining room at the time. It was pretty much the max I could fit in the space, an 8′ long 200 gallon with a 55 gallon sitting below it. There was also a 27 gallon plastic tote sump under the 200 gallon that served as the filter. It was a nice community setup during these photos with lots of various fish from all over the world. It certainly wasn’t a region specific biotope type setup but still looked good to me. I fed these fish mostly Hikari Massivore and raw shrimp with some sliced fish filet and random pellets and flakes as well. The top tank was Acrylic and the bottom was a standard glass tank.

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