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Acrylic resembles glass, but it is stronger, lighter, and can be bent during manufacturing so it comes in different shapes and not just the standard five sheet rectangle like most aquariums. Although acrylic fish tanks can come in all sizes, the extremely big tanks, like 200 gallons, would more than likely be acrylic because they can withstand such weight more than tempered glass.

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Building the 540 gallon series:

So i have some good news and some bad news.

We'll get the good news out of the way first.

This video you are watching right now is the start of short build series that will potentially be 6 videos long as most of my big build series are. In this series i plan to show you guys how i am going to build two 8 foot long, 200 gallon acrylic aquarium system. What will make this build unique will be the fact that they will be stacked one on top of the other and ran on a centralized filter.

The bad news is this...

Remember this tank? I did a build series on it. Essentially i took 2 tanks apart and built one huge one out of it. We ended up with a 540 gallon aquarium. If you didn't see that yet, watch it because it's a really interesting build.

If you remember this build you will remember that i mentioned that if i ever sold this house the only way i could get this tank out was if i took it apart. While i can save the glass, the bottom will not fit up my stairs and would have to be demolished.

Now im not actually selling my house for potentially another year or two, but i have a lot of other things i need to do so i am going to address the tank problem first. Well... that, plus i simply just want to build it right now.

So im building new tanks that i can easily get out of my house when the time comes as well as still be big enough to house my rays and arowana in the meantime. I'm building two for a simple reason. I can run both tanks with fish up until i move. When i move i will put all fish in one tank and can move the other tank to the new location. Once in place, move the fish to it and then move the last tank. This will make the move a lot easier and i will be completely ready for it.

So i want to start this series off with this video in telling you my basic plans. Then i want to move into next week's video with the planning stages. Followed by building the tanks, building the rack, plumbing filtration, setting them up and moving fish around... Not to mention tearing this wall and tank apart. While I'm not sure what order i will do this in, those are the planned videos.

I do suggest following me on both Facebook and Instagram for additional pictures and to get to see everything before i put it on YouTube.

SO think i gave you a pretty good idea of what I'm up to, so well pick up in next week's video where we plan this entire build out and I'll walk you through how to plan something like this.

Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed the video and are looking forward to this build as much as i am... i also want to thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time.

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Get 200 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank Info. Your Search & Social Results Now. I came across these photos of an old Aquarium setup I had in my dining room at the time. It was pretty much the max I could fit in the space, an 8′ long 200 gallon with a 55 gallon sitting below it. There was also a 27 gallon plastic tote sump under the 200 gallon that served as the filter. It was a nice community setup during these photos with lots of various fish from all over the world. It certainly wasn’t a region specific biotope type setup but still looked good to me. I fed these fish mostly Hikari Massivore and raw shrimp with some sliced fish filet and random pellets and flakes as well. The top tank was Acrylic and the bottom was a standard glass tank.

200 gallon living reef custom aquarium

720 gallon fish tank including sump.
3/4″ acrylic tank made by tenecor. Comes with protein skimmer, 2 uv sterilizers, all plumbing, two 48″ led light fixtures, 200 gallon sump, no stand. 360 degree viewing, center overflow.

200 gallon living reef custom aquarium sete as room divider