25 Gallon, 24 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 20 3/4, 32, 282.

The width of the aquarium is another issue that should be taken into consideration. The front- to- back dimensions will impact the amount of room for aquascaping and visual viewing depth. While an aquarium that is 12 inches wide will accommodate a nice aqauscaping scheme, an aquarium that is 18 inches wide will give a deeper visual impact. While an extra six inches of space does not seem like a large amount of space, it will allow for a more realistic rock structure and more space for corals. For example, complaints are often heard from owners of 55 gallon aquariums because the available width does not allow for the aquascaping plan they had intended to use. I have found that a wider aquarium offers more stability when placed on carpeting. The larger footprint helps ensure that the aquarium will be less susceptible to tipping. The overall length, width and height of the aquarium will also affect the amount of oxygen available to the aquarium inhabitants. The surface area of a longer, wider aquarium will allow more oxygen to be available to the aquarium inhabitants than an aquarium which is shorter and narrower. The larger air/surface interface will allow for more available oxygen in the water in a longer, wider aquarium. I am not suggesting that you run out and purchase a 200-gallon aquarium. However, I do suggest that you use the game plan that you created last month, to help you choose the best aquarium for the animals that you wish to keep. A nice starter size aquarium that will allow for a good combination of fish, equipment, oxygenation and visual appeal is the standard 40-gallon breeder aquarium. The aquarium dimensions are 3 feet in length, by 18 inches in width and 20 inches in height. The next size that I would recommend for a larger starter aquarium is the 75-gallon, which has dimensions of 4 feet in length, by 18 inches in width and 20 inches in height. A taller aquarium can be used if you are going to utilize a deep sand bed for your substrate. Included below is a chart of common aquarium sizes and dimensions:

12 Gallon Clear Aquarium 55 gallon. tank 20 Gallon bersa dimensions. gallon Long, 48" 12" lbs.

Customers also receive several parts such thermometer and water conditioner. The design for this aquarium is a long box with high-grade glass. The manufacturer puts durability on the top priority to make an excellent aquarium. 20 gallon aquarium dimensions consist of length, width, and height. Length is 26 inch and width is 14 inch. For the height, this aquarium reaches 18 inches. Maximum weight is 160 pounds.

Aquarium Dimensions: Sizes By Length, Width & Height

80 gallon 30 gallon tank 20 long. 40 brass pipe dimensions. 20mm bolt Aquarium Dimensions: x by dimensions . window 210 Gallon Aquarium: 72 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 29 5/8In addition, there are types of specialty tanks with different aquarium dimensions. Bow front tanks, tanks with round shapes, and hexagon shaped tanks to name a few. When considering purchasing a specialty tank, be mindful that these types of tanks have non-rectangular aquarium dimensions so measure and plan accordingly.10 Gallon Hexagon: 14 1/2 x 12 9/16 x 18 3/420 Gallon Hexagon: 18 3/4 x 16 1/4 x 20 5/835 Gallon Hexagon: 23 1/4 x 20 3/16 x 24 3/460 Gallon Hexagon: 27 1/4 x 24 1/8 x 29 1/2Also, there are other types of fish tanks used for breeding purposes. The aquarium dimensions of breeder tanks vary based on the gallon size and water volume, but they generally are deeper in terms of width. Just be aware that when one speaks of a 40 gallon tank for example, it may be 40 gallon long tank a 40 gallon breeder tank, each with different aquarium dimensions.It’s a good idea to think of aquarium size in terms of the aquarium setup as a whole. While that includes the number of gallons and , it also includes size and area considerations including:The actual aquarium dimensions;

20 Gallon Aquarium: 30 x 12 x 12 (Long).

Interesting! I never thought about the whole outer/inner dimension differences. I suppose it's good that I've been recommending 40 gallon breeder tanks, bin cages or Detolf's more by stressing that 20 gallon long are ONLY the minimum (and apparently, not even so...)

Perhaps the forum should consider changing the heavily recommended 20 gallon long? I'm definitely going to remember this and tell people to measure the inside of the bottom of bins and aquariums they're considering buying...

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