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The main tank of the Tetra Glofish aquarium kit is a 20 gallon glass tank, 20-gallon is the tank size recommended for starter hobbyists because it is large enough to keep some freshwater fish happy and healthy in the tank. Besides, the kit comes with the Tetra Whisper 20 power filter to filter the water and make it clean and safe for fish.

Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit 20 Gallon Glass Fish Tank NEW IN BOX!!!

Hi everyone its darren & this is a vid about my new Long 20 gallon aquarium, i just got i plan on making it into a freshwater aquarium. Yesterday i purchased this Long 20 gallon aquarium. Its super clean and super mean. I took it outside and rinsed it off with water to get ride of any dust or debree on the glass and put it on my cabinet. I purchased an aquarium light that fits my aquariums size, it fits right on top of the aquarium. I also got a glass aquarium canopy. its got glass edges and i glued on a little handle so i can open the aquarium top. I also was looking for air pumps, and i picked the biggest one i could find because i like looking at bubbles haha. I chose the air pump called AIR-8000. It improves air circulation within the aquarium and can be used with other aeration products. It has 4 airflow outlets that i can plug the arline tubing into. The airflow is adjustable, its like a volume control on a sterio, circular. Its sorta quiet but i can keep it at the low setting and its not noticable really. I of course bought some airline tubing, actually i got 2 25" airling tubings so i can have air going into the aquarium. I got a 5" round air stone that will increase the water circulation and should create a volcano of bubbles. Since i have 4 airflow outlets on the air pump i got a pack of 6 air stones so i can put them plaes and have air bubbles come out. I got a 25 pound bag of aquarium gravel for my tank. They are sorta larger, its better that way for a few reasons, so the fish dont suck them up and choke possibly die, they like to eat food off of the rocks so they are nice big and round, and also later when its time to clean, they are larger rocks and smooth so it should be a lot easier to clean off all the sludge and gunk that may build up on them. So yeah im about to put my gravel in. I will have an update # 2 soon, so please comment rate subscribe and all that good stuff and thanks for watching!!!

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Top Fin® 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium - PetSmart 12-1/2"L x 30-1/4"W x 13"H $32.99 Clear, 20 gal. regular, 24"W X 12"D X 16"H, Virtually leak and breakproof acrylic aquarium is less than half the weight of a comparably sized glass tank. Safe for fresh or saltwater use. Includes fluorescent fixture. Lifetime limited warranty.

20 Gallon Long Glass Aquarium (Call around too price them.

The smallest in the series, the AB-600/AW-600 is a 20-gallon glass aquarium that includes filtration and lighting so once you bring this tank home, you're ready to start designing. Perfect for fresh and saltwater systems, the A Series uses a top-mounted filtration system with 145 gallons per hour of flow and a T-6 canopy florescent lighting fixture. T stands for tubular and it's similar to the fluorescent lights you see in fixtures, the big fat tubes. The beauty of these lights is they resemble natural daylight and look fantastic on an aquarium like the AB-600/AW-600.

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