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I'd be hesitant to put a 30 to 60 gallon rated filter on a 20 gallon tank. While some fish don't mind a lot of flow there are many who will not enjoy it. While the paired smaller filters might work, it's going to depend on what kind they are, larger internal filters can suck up a lot of tank real estate making them unattractive.

Best filters for 20 gallon fish tanks (power, canister, internal filters)

This is a great option for a fish tank filter if the aquarium you are trying to maintain is 20 gallons or less. It is meant to be used for smaller tanks and can process 100 gallons of water per hour. The installation is quick and easy and can be done by a newbie to aquarium maintenance. The amount of water the Aqua Clear processes per hour is almost 7x more than the comparable products in the market.

Aqueon QuietFlow 20 Aquarium Power Filter.

for a fish tank filter if the aquarium you are trying to maintain is 20 gallons or less. So my filter broke. and I have a 10gallon tank with 2 goldfish in it. I sent my sister (which was a big mistake) to get me a new filter while I was at work. She got me a Whisper EX 30 which is made for 20-30 gallon tanks would it be okay to put on my 10 gallon or should I return it?

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The possible problem with running a filter rated at 20~30 gallon on a 10 gallon tank is too strong of water current. Fish might not like it and it is tiresome for slow moving fish like goldfish.

Tetra 25772 Whisper Power Filter 20, 20-Gallon.

The cheaper Quiet Flow Power Filter 10 is the smaller version of the Quiet Flow Filter 55/75, as is the QuietFlow 20, QuietFlow 30, and QuietFlow 40. The Power Filter 10 is meant to be used in small to medium fish tanks and can only process 100 gallons of water per hour. This freshwater aquarium filter includes all of the same features but produces on a smaller scale. Here are the stats associated with the rest of the Quietflow’s:These are usually meant for use in fish tanks with a capacity of less than 20 gallons. They are mounted inside the tank and suction cups are used to keep them in place. Internal fish tank filters just sit at the bottom, thus preventing debris from building up and compromising the health of your fish pets. Perhaps the greatest advantage of internal filters is that they are the cheapest compared to other types of filters. Some manufacturers produce models that require an air pump as well as an airline, which also help with production of oxygenate bubbles.This is one of the best fish tank filters a person can purchase for their fish tank. It is high quality and offers many features in a small package. It can be placed in a or a depending on your needs or if you decided to switch up the environment later. The filter provides the clearest water the best in fish tanks that are 45 gallons and under, with a pump output of 206 gallons.A fish tank filter is meant to ensure a healthy, clean environment for your fish as well as maintain a presentable, sparkly appearance of your aquarium. The AquaClear 20 Power Filter ensures just that by incorporating a multi-stage filtration system. This filter is easy to install and comes with an energy efficient pump. It’s ideal for small fish tanks and can handle a capacity of 20 gallons. The AquaClear foam that comes with this filter acts as a sponge that traps dirt while the activated carbon does a good job of treating any chemicals that may be present in the water.