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Aquarius BL2-1/20 Glass Fish Bowls, 1/2-Gallon, Crystal-clear glass fish bowls are perfect for Betta's or Guppies. Unique design offers a modern look that is just right for a child's bedroom or office.

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I habe two Betta. Both male. Both in their own tanks. One is on my night stand in a 1.5 gallon tank that has the filter, heater, couple of real plants and a small cave he likes to go in and out of. The tank also has a led light and is covered. The second is in a 2.5 gallon glass bowl. We rigged the same type of filter with suction cups to work in the bowl and got a heater also. He also has a couple of plants and a cave to swim into and play. They both explore and stay active. They have also both discovered their reflections on the walls of the tank. One tank has a led light and one tank does not have a light. I have read that the lighting in the area or on the tank needs to be changed so this does not continue to happen. Seriously one of the fish is on the head hunt going after himself fiercely. What suggestions do you have for me.

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Wrought & Cast Iron Antique Fish Bowl Stand With 2 Gallon Clear Glass Bowl Aquarius BL6-1/20 Glass Fish Bowl, 1-1/2-Gallon, Crystal-clear glass fish bowls are perfect for Betta’s or Guppies. Unique design offers a modern look that is just right for a child’s bedroom or office.
1-1/2-Gallon glass fish bowl
Great home for betta’s
Crystal-clear glass fish bowl
Ideal for beginners

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Shopping List:
Large fishbowl or glass container (preferably 2 gallons or more in capacity)
Small amount of bagged potting soil
Small bag of aquarium gravel (natural, smaller sized, dark in color)
One or two live aquarium plants that do well in cool water -- a bunch of Elodea or a Java fern will work; get small plants as they will grow quickly in this set up
Spring water or tap water aged for three days and treated with water conditioners to remove chlorine and other chemicals that can kill fish. In the US, I found it easiest to just keep several gallons of spring water on hand. Also, in case of emergency, a gallon container of spring water with the top cut away makes a readymade holding tank for a fish.
1 Paradise fish
Small canister of tropical fish food flakes
Small net to catch fish
Frozen food and/or freeze dried bloodworms to vary diet
Decoration  keep a natural look with a stone or two (to be safe, use those sold in pet stores), or a very small piece of driftwood from the aquarium store, pre-soaked for a week or two in a bucket of water to remove tannins and water log it so it won't float, will look fabulous, especially if you attach the java fern to it by tying it with a bit of dark thread. Soon the fern will attach itself to the wood and you can remove the thread.

Anchok 076006 1 gal Glass Drum Fish Bowl (Pack of 2), As Shown.

The Vintage-style Tulip Fish Bowl is a 2-gallon bowl with a classic tulip flower shape. It's great for betta fish too! Add subtle beauty to your aquatic setup with this amazing glass bowl.The Round Glass Cylinder Fish Bowl is a vintage-style 2-gallon bowl with a classic shape. For a dramatic look that adds some classic style to your aquatic setup, there isn't anything quite like it.