Intro to the new 180 gallon monster fish tank - YouTube

This is my 180 gallon CICHLID tank. I custom made the stand with 2x6s then stained the wood.

I have Two 400 watt heaters, Two 400 gallon circulation pumps, and Two Emperor 400 hang on filters.

River Rock and fake plants make up the decoration to provide plenty of hiding spots for all the fish.

180 gallon fish tank

Added a 1300gph water circulater, more rocks and decorations. I also finished the auto-fill system after much testing (and leaked water). Added three fish I got from Walmart to test the waters per se. These fish have to love me, they went from a over crowded 5 gallon tank to a 180 gallon tank.

180 Gallon Fish Tank Setup - YouTube

I would personally use a minimum of 20 gallon tank. In fact, when I stocked my 180 I used a 38 gallon Q-tank. You want your fish to be comfortable. 180 gallon long planted fish tank (8x2x1.5)

Redtail shark x1
Flagtail x1
Blue phantom pleco x1
Electric blue acara x3
German ram cichlid x3
Red head tapajos x6
Roseline sharks x6
Clown loaches x6
Congo tetras x9
Black neon tetras x15
Rainbow fish x 18

Java fern
Jungle val
Dwarf sag
Amazon sword

Fx6 x2

50% water changes twice a week

HELP!!! how much does a 180 gallon fish tank weight??? - Piranha-Fury

Dave Palumbo updates us on his 180 gallon fish tanks that features a breeding pair of Gold Severums and 2 Red Ruby Oscars, 2 Albino Red Tiget Oscars, and a long fin Albino Red Tiger Oscar... plus, bonus... super cool Pleco.

how to make a good fish tank stand that holds a 180 gallon aquarium!