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There are a few minor issues with the unit, one of the biggest is the lack of a heater. Although a very insignificant problem, as they can be purchased separately, it does add an additional cost to anyone who wishes to keep tropical fish or plant life. BiOrb’s own heater is ideal for attaching to the biOrb 16-Gallon Mega Aquarium with Halogen Light, and as a result works very well. Some other minor complications are the units own filter systems, while the overall design is good, some issues can arise after prolonged use.

This is an update for my 16 gallon aquarium. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it:)

Form and function come together in this easy-to-set-up, stylish aquarium kit. With the capacity to hold 16 gallons, this biOrb Black Mega Aquarium Kit with Light comes with a patented 5-stage filtration system that is easy maintain. Made of crystal clear acrylic that is ten times stronger than glass, this attractive fish tank has the classic styling of a fish bowl, but it is equipped with a modern filter. For added convenience, this aquarium kit comes with gravel and a halogen light. Perfect for aquarists of varying expertise levels, from novice to seasoned aquarists, the biOrb aquarium kit comes with everything needed to get started. In fact, it is complete, so all you have to do is add water and fish to the fish bowl aquarium. Bring the beauty and serenity of an aquatic habitat home or to your office with this aquarium kit that is simple to set up as well as to maintain! Included: biOrb tank, halogen light, bio-media (gravel), filter, air pump, water chemicals, an instruction booklet and fish food. 16-gallon capacity. Suitable for goldfish, the Mega can also be converted to a tropical aquarium.

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biOrb Halo 60 - 16 Gallon Freshwater Acrylic Aquarium Kit - White (G5500-C-WHT-US) Coralife New Style BioCube 14 & 16 Gallon Aquarium Stand

The Coralife New Style BioCube Size 14 & 16 Aquarium Stand is compatible with the Coralife NEW STYLE Size 16 LED BioCube Aquarium. It's also backwards compatible with the Coralife BioCube Size 14 Aquarium and the discontinued Oceanic BioCube Size 14 Aquarium.

Dimensions: L 15.25" x W 15.75" x H 28"

Tinted acrylic panels & slim black handles

Shelf for the convenient storage of tools, equipment and food
Sturdy feet to keep the base elevated

16 Gallon bow front aquarium - YouTube

Dimensions: 16.5W x 11D x 25H in.. Made of strong acrylic. For fresh or salt water. Includes a 5-stage filtration system and LED light. 1-size-fits-all filter cartridge. 12V transformer. Select from available color options. Keep larger fish in the BiOrb by Oase Life Intelligent LED 16 Gallon Aquarium for a colorful centerpiece in your home or office. Its dur

bow front 16 gallon aquarium - YouTube