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This model includes a single LED module with 3 ultra-bright LEDs designed to accentuate the beauty of your aquarium and its inhabitants. The powerful LEDs create an underwater shimmer effect that mimics natural sunlight, while consuming a mere 1 watt of electricity. The 16" x 8" LED Hood consumes 15 times less energy than an equivalent fluorescent light fixture, and never requires bulb replacement. This translates to considerable cost savings over the course of the hood's operational life.

I love how the title of this is currently “Best LED Aquarium Lighting – 2017 Reviews & Guide” and there’s comments from 2016.

RX-16T LED tube light set is very suitable for aquarium fish tank decorative lighting, decorative lighting is also suitable for home DIY-make your own decorative lighting, which has five major advantages

By:douwe 2016-03-16 03:35:50; Great light for my nano aquarium

16 Description:
You can choose 16 different colors and various light color changing modes by using the IR remote or remote key control on the Power adapter
36CM long led strip and air-stone combination that adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium.
18LEDS fully illuminate the air curtain, producing the impressive wall of bubbles.
Each unit use a low wattage led lamps and low voltage transformer.
Beautiful night light for nocturnal viewing
Self-weighted, quick assemble and install in your aquarium, suitable for fresh and saltwater aquarium

-It must be fully submersed and air pump is not included.
-The final curtain effect will be affected by the power of the air pump you use

Color of light: Total 16 colors and various light color changing modes to choose
Size of item:L36*W3*H1.5CM
The cable length:145CM
Voltage: 110-240V/50-60Hz

Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

Package Include:
1 x LED Bubble Light
1 x IR remote controller (Not Include Battery)
1 x USA Plug with remote key
1 x Air Tube
1 x English Manual

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Here is where this light gets crazy. The Euphotica is one of the best saltwater aquarium lighting choices as it can produce a massive 20,000k full light spectrum with over 200 watts of strength. A warning to those new to the hobby, this light can actually burn many of your corals and anemones. To use the full strength on the light you would need a deep tank combined with some of the most demanding corals known to mankind. Simply put this will grow any coral with ease. Just be sure you know how much light your specific coral can handle and ramp the light up slowly. Even the perfect light setting can stun corals if applied too quickly.

As with the previous hanging light, the Euphotic marine aquarium light is distributed through a 90 degree optic lens. This can create a spotlight effect when placed too close to your tank, meaning you should give your aquarium a solid foot between it and the light.

When raised above the tank the Euphotic can provide a 28" x 28"" light distribution on the 16" model, 28" x 35" on the 24" model, and 28" x 42" on the 32" model without losing much of its power due to distance. Use that as an estimate if you have larger tanks and are wondering how many fixtures you need. For smaller tanks you will often be fine with a single fixture. Adjust the height to light your aquarium and then adjust the intensity to the appropriate settings.

One final add on note I have is about the 24" model. Many of you may have noticed it actually features less lights than the 16". How is this possible? Well I got in contact with HobbieBug and found out that the lights are spread over a greater distance and then amplified using a more powerful driver to increase the strength of the lights. This means the 24" is indeed stronger than the 16".

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