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I have one of my 1000 gallon tanks hooked up with a HyDrive pump, about half the flow goes to the fish tank and the other half feeds my banks of Zipgrow towers. Pump is in the sump tank, feeds to towers up at about 7 feet above water level and fish tank is about 5 feet above sump tank water level. That pump is 240 watts I believe. The tower system currently has about 90 towers on it and 360 square feet of raft bed as well as the greenhouse seed starting system and an extra 300 gallon fish tank. Sump tank is only 100 gallons since there isn't as much water level fluctuation without any flood and drain beds.

Dimensions: 140” x 48” x 32”Volume: 1000 gallon fish tankMaterials: Cell Cast Acrylic

The total electric cost of running a 100 gallon aquarium with live plants and coral is $18.26 dollars per month. This means the aquarium electric expense is $219.12 annually. This tank size may be a bit much for someone will a small budget. The 100 gallon tank size is also expensive to setup as the equipment needs to be very strong to keep 100 gallons of water warm, and for your lights to penetrate the large aquarium. Usually it takes above $1,000 to buy all necessary equipment to setup this size tank, which may be too pricey depending upon your situation. Many aquarium enthusiasts may want to use higher wattage bulbs than necessary for their aquarium. For instance, take a look at the type of plants in your aquarium. Are they ? moderate light plants? high light plants? Some plants require very low lighting. In a 10 gallon tank, low light plants can slide by with a 5 watt light, while higher light plants require around 30 watts to stay healthy. This trick alone can save many dollars per year by switching to a much lower wattage light on your aquarium.Many fish preferences have a range, for example, between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. To save money, simply adjust your heater to the low end of the spectrum. This means your heater will run much less because it is not constantly trying to hold a higher temperature. If your house is hot, maybe turn your air condtioner to 80 degrees so that the heater almost never has to run because the tank is already the correct temperature. This way your air conditioner should cost less too. Your filters, pumps, and powerheads can be adjusted to a lower GPH to save electricity. Slower running takes less electricity. This is, of course, only an option if your tank does not need high flow. Tanks with picky corals may need a lot of flow. Freshwater tanks or low flow corals such as mushroom corals are just fine with low flow rates.Choose LED lights if you wish to save money on your electric bill. LEDs oftentimes provide the same lighting power, with less wattage compared to fluorescent or metal hallide lighting. There are also specific light choices designed to be economical. There are also economical heaters, or and great at sensing temperatures so they do not turn on at random times when they do not need to. Choose energy-efficient products to put into your tank, and your electric bill will be less costly.

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Check out the finished 1000-gallon salt water fish tank that's even bigger than this 7-foot NBA star. Tanked FRIDAYS at 10/9c For more: ... - Purchasing and setting up 1,000 gal fish tanks can be a difficult process without help and know-how from our expoerts. Moving one of these tanks is incredibly difficult, even when empty. It is important to carefully choose an area where you would like to place the tank, considering all the pros and cons associated with placing it in a certain place before a final decision is made. Cost is another consideration. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying, equipping and stocking such a large tank. Consider your finances and don't run out of money halfway through the tank-filling process.

Aquarium Designs Unlimited 1000 gal fish tank daytime view.

... is a 1,000-gallon shark aquarium. The $23,000 tank weighs about eight tons, for one shark (a $2,000 blacktip reef shark [which are the cheapest, according to Sea Life] and some smaller fish.

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