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I show you how I divide a 10 gallon fish tank for my betta pairs. There is some swearing, so be mindful of that. I will have a finished product to show in the near future. Also, there is a ton of rambling so feel free to skip ahead to the important parts.

10 gallon dividers Ideal for Betta fish tank. A sturdy tank divider easy to maintain and install.

Lee’s AQ2 are well known for producing quality , and this fish tank divider is no exception. Designed for smaller aquariums and fish tanks, the recommended size of tank for this divider is 10 gallons. The divider is 10 inches by 12 inches, making it perfect for smaller fish tanks. With more than 20 five star reviews over on Amazon it’s obviously a good piece of equipment. Check it out on Amazon above.

How To Make a Betta Fish Tank Divider. - YouTube

Penn Plax 10 Gallon Tank Divider Instantly converts one aquarium into two! *Separates baby fish or. How to make a Betta fish tank divider using pvc or acrylic. We used a 10 gallon tank for this project. Measure the inside tank dimensions. Cut the pvc/acrylic to fit ...

How to make a Betta fish tank divider using pvc or acrylic

If you're looking for temporary dividers, I think you could form the craft mesh into a circle, use stainless steel staples or fishing line or cotton thread to tie it, and have a little column in your tank? Just measured it, and it formed a 4 inch diameter that would reach all the way to the top of a 10 gallon tank. Not big enough for more than a breeding pair for a couple of days, or 3-4 weeks of growing up babies. If you shoved it down into the gravel well it'd stand up no problem, it's rigid enough.

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We used a 10 gallon tank for this project

Gorgeous divided 20 gallon betta tank with 30 inch glass canopy, 30 inch led light strip, 100 Watt adjustable heater, and two sponge filters. Sand substrate, hamster tunnels, plants, ceramic oil warmers, Spongebob's house, and Olaf make the tank fun and safe for the fish!It can be easily placed on a sturdy table top which can also work as a nice night lamp or you can use a fish tank divider of 10 Gallon and divide your tank for keeping different species.