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A 10-gallon tank is a standard size in the aquarium industry, so you'll have many more choices when it comes to accessories. However, you can always choose to take the road less traveled and build a unique Betta tank that not only gives your fish everything he needs, but looks amazing.

Find out which fish to choose for your 10-gallon tank, how many fish to stock and more!

I had a 1gallon tank purchased for my Betta, but upgraded the tank because I found it would be too small for a happy Betta, or any kind of fish for that matter.

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One gallon fish tank with 1 green Cory catfish , 1 albion Cory catfish, one guppy, And two gold fish Guppies are a small fish that are social. Since the fish are social, a small tank is not appropriate because only one fish can be in the tank, which would socially isolate the fish. For the short term, such as when a guppy is dropping fry, a 1-gallon tank with plenty of plants is appropriate because it allows the new fry somewhere to hide, and separates the pregnant guppy to prevent the adults from eating the fry at birth.

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Betta fish can tolerate a 1-gallon fish tank. Since betta fish are both aggressive and small, keeping a single fish in a 1-gallon tank is appropriate. For betta fish, the 1-gallon tank is only appropriate if there is a single fish. For more than one fish, the tank is too small and the fish will attack each other.

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I got my betta fish 1 week ago. Barnabas is housed in a 1 gallon fish tank with a java fern and a filter. I use tap water that has been dechlorinated with 1 tsp of aquarium salt. The tank has gravel, some marbles and fake corals.
How often do I need to do partial water changes and full water changes? Also, what is water nitrogen cycling and is it applicable to my fish in his 1 gallon tank? I do not have any nitrate and ammonia meters, nor do I plan on getting them. So how often and how much water should I change?
Furthermore, I have noticed that Barnabas is showing some signs of fin rot as his tail is a bit frayed. Please help and advice thanks 🙂 In general, a 1-gallon tank is too small for fish because the general rule for fish tank size is that a fish needs 1 gallon of water per 1 inch in length. Any fish that grows larger than 1 inch is too big to fit in the tank comfortably. Generally, the best fish for a 1-gallon tank is a betta because they are hearty and need separation from other fish.A 1-gallon fish tank is a small tank option and is unsuitable for most fish. There are a few options available that will suit a 1-gallon tank, though there are limitations on the number of fish appropriate for the small tank size. In general, most fish species would only allow a single fish in the tank at any given time.The Tabletop Saltwater Aquarium $120 This 3 gal tank has a neat feature to where you don't even have to remove the fish or water to clean the dome.