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Most freshwater fish come from tropical environments and thus require an aquarium heater to maintain the water temperature in the mid- to high-seventies or low-eighties. With or without tropical fish in your tank, a heater with a quality thermometer will also help to control and prevent the temperature changes in your fish tank that cause stress and harm for your fish. In this review, we will provide you some of the best aquarium heaters for tanks from small 1-gallon tanks to extra-large ones. Besides, we also provide you some tips to choose the right heater as well as how to use them in the right way.

For a 1 gallons fish tank a heater with wattage of 50 watts will be just fine.

All in all, it’s actually not really that hard to make a smart decision on which heater to choose for your fishtank setup. I’d say that first and foremost, learning the following rule of thumb will help you get 90% of the way to finding your perfect aquarium heater.

25 watts of power for every 10 degrees of existing ambient temperature for every 10 gallons you need to heat.

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Please do not think of putting any poor fish in a 1/2 gallon tank with no heater. Betta fish can happily live in community tanks and many specialist aquarium stores are now displaying their betta fish in community tanks. This isn’t a hard thing to manage as betta males are actually fairly peaceful, usually only attacking other male betta or those they confuse as male betta.
In fact the biggest issue with betta fish in community tanks, isnt the aggressive betta, but fin nippers and fish that are simply too fast for the slow moving and eating betta boy. Success can be found with many of the laid back tetra varieties, female guppies, and other live bearers that are different in colour to your betta.
As for tank size, while your betta can survive in a 2 gallon tank, this is not a recommended healthy environment. The smallest you want to keep a Betta in would be a 5 gallon tank with partial water changes every other week. A 5 gallon tank doesn’t take up much room and is much more adaptable. You have extra space for decoration as well and you’ll have a chance to see your betta actually living instead of existing. But you wanna know the best size for a Betta?
10 gal community tanks have been shown time and time again to be the best homes for betta fish. They don’t need such frequent water changes, they can support live plants and self regulate much better than a smaller tank. Add the that all that added space that you can decorate and aquascape, 10 gal and larger really are the best choice for any loving betta owner.

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I just bought a Glofish Danio yesterday. He’s quite small and I’m keeping him in a 1.5 gallon fish tank. We keep our house at 70 degrees and on the Glofish website it says they can be kept from 64 degrees to 80. Do you think I need to purchases heater? The tank has an led light on the top.

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